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From: Arnold Dunn <arnold.dunn45@yahoo.com>
Subject: Pvt Doyle D. Dunn 319 MED
Date: Fri, 12 Oct 2018

I am looking to get information about my father Pvt Doyle D. Dunn who was a medic in the 94th Infantry Division 319th Medical Battalion that’s basically all I know.

He passed away in August 1989 and never really talked about being in the military in WW2. I have his medals and have been trying to get proof of his service so he could get the combat medic badge.

All his records were lost in the fire of the archives in St Louis,Mo. If anyone knows how to go about proving he was a medic please let me know. I can be reach by email at arnold.dunn45@yahoo.com

Thank you

Arnold Dunn - Son

From: Sarah Woodcock <labsw24@me.com>
Date: Tue, 17 Jul 2018
Subject: WW II Richard "Dick" E. Collins

I was wondering if you had any photos or information on my grandfather Richard E. Collins"Dick" who was born on May 14, 1926.

I would be interested in any articles or photos.


Sarah Woodcock

From: Lynn Wood <lynntylerwood@icloud.com>
Date: Tue, 10 Jul 2018
Subject: Hilton C. Wood I/301

My Grandfather, Hilton Wood, who raised me was in the 94th Infantry Division. If I recall correctly, he was in Company C. He was the Sergeant. I recall a few gatherings. I have many letters to him from those in the 94th. I was pondering through his wallet tonight and came across a 94th Infantry Division Association that he dated 11/20/2000. Making him in good standing until the 53rd annual reunion on May 30th 2002 in Knoxville TN. Harry N. Helms, Jr. was the Secretary-Treasurer listed on the card who lived in Downingtown, PA. Hilton was from Macon, GA. He passed in March 29, 2001.

I would love to talk with anyone that knew him or was in his company. I’d love to upload the notes his men wrote him. I would love to learn even more.


Lynn Wood

From: Patrick McCue <theygaveitall.org@gmail.com>
Subject: Chester E. Bishop I/376
Date: Thu, 28 Jun 2018

Hello all!

I’ve been visiting a 97 year old gentleman by the name of Chester E. Bishop every Thursday for 3 years now.

chester bishop

He is basically another grandfather to me as we have become very close. He served as a rifleman and ammo bearer with a machine gun team in Company I, 376th Regiment, 94th ID. He’s doing great and thought I’d share this portrait I took of him last month. The 376th regiment's photo on the wall behind him was taken in Mississippi at Fort McCain.

Patrick McCue

From: Matthew Duggan <mduggan1211@gmail.com>
Subject: Hoyt Johnson I/376
Date: Mon, 25 Jun 2018

Good afternoon! My great grandfather was in the 94th infantry, 376th regiment, I company. I was just curious if you had any other documents or if there are other 376th veterans that may have known him. His name was Hoyt Johnson. Thanks!

Very Respectfully,

Matthew Duggan

From: Stephen Carter <secarter49@gmail.com>
Date: Mon, 11 Jun 2018
Subject: Lt. Col. George F. Miller

I am researching Lt. Col. George F. Miller 301 Infantry who was KIA 20 Jan 1945.

My husband and I visited the Luxembourg American Military Cemetery last year where I took a photo of the Lt. Col.'s marker hoping to learn more about him and his sacrifice.

Any information would be appreciated.


Barbara Carter

Subject: My uncle, T5 Arthur Ouellette
From: Art Hebert <arthebert@ussboston.org>
Date: Tue, 29 May 2018

My uncle, T5 Arthur Ouellette (6139056) was a member of the 94th. His records at Luxembourg American Cemetery state that he was KIA on March 3, 1945. Would there be any more information about the location of the outfit on that particular date?

I notice that he had a seven-digit service number, while most of the other names in the lists had six digits. Why might that be? He was 30 at the time of his death, and might have been in the Army twice (old family recollections).

Thank you,

Art Hebert

From: "Jim" <jwm13m@gmail.com>
Subject: S Sgt Thomas W Marsh
Date: Sat, 12 May 2018

Seeking information about my Dad who died when I was 14.
S Sgt Thomas W Marsh
His discharge papers show:
280 94th Inf Div ‘44
Gun crewman light artillery 844
Co “A” 701st Tk Bn
Any information would be greatly appreciated
Jim Marsh

From: Pauline Heck <pasl2@icloud.com>
Subject: Sgt. William L. Labate SER/919 FA - POW in Berga
Date: Sat, 14 Apr 2018

Dear Sirs,

I am the daughter of, now deceased, Sgt. William L. Labate(10-19-1919). He was one of the survivors of
the Battle of the Bulge, something he never talked about while he was alive, and only when he
was close to death did I even see the commendation for that battle. Also, I was not even aware,
until recently, how bad the situation was, nor was I aware of he fact that the American soldiers that survived the battle were taken to Berga Concentration Camp.

I was only 3 years old when he came home so I don't remember anything about how he looked.
My question is, how can I find out if he was one of the men that were taken there? From the documentaries it appeared that the men were either dead, or taken; since he wasn't dead, how would he have escaped?
He only told of one incident where he was spared, because of one of the men that switched a patrol with.
He didn't tell anyone else.

I hope you can help me. I was hoping that you had the list of the men that survived Berga, and that his name wouldn't be on it. But I'd sure love to know how he made it out.

Thank you, any help is appreciated,

Pauline Labate Heck
Lake Havasu City, Az.
( Philadelphia, Pa. - place of my and my Dad's birth)

From: janandkerryman@aol.com
Date: Tue, 10 Apr 2018
Subject: Francis Rhame does anyone remember Him

I am the closest living relative to my step father Francis Rhame of Clarendon County South Carolina.

He spent Christmas 1944 in a foxhole in Germany, and I would like to know anyone who might have known him.

jan Mandeville

From: Peter Farina <peter.farina@italymondo.com>
Date: Mon, 5 Mar 2018
Subject: 94th Recon Troop - Nicholas Galeazza


As per your FB group's message, I just wanted to send a quick email to share the following page with you


Basically, last year I had my first child – who I named after my late Grandfather Nichoolas M Galeazza of Amsterdam, NY.

I never knew more than the fact that he was a radio operator in WWII so, this winter, I decided to uncover more, getting out the approx. 300 photo he took during the war.

The project started because I wanted to preserve his story for my son, but it soon developed into something so much more... as thanks to some research and the names on the photos, I've been able to reach out to the children of the people he served with and (in one case) someone still alive who served with the 94th.

It has been incredibly rewarding, as many of the people I've found didn't have photos of their dads from the war... so the photos I shared with them were the first they saw.

Anyways, I wanted to share the link with you. I hope you (and others) follow the page.

In addition, I wanted to know if there will be a reunion this year as well?

Thank you in advance for your reply,
Peter Farina
Grandson of T/4 Nicholas M Galeazza (94th Recon Troop)

Peter Farina
2885 State Highway 5s
Fultonville, NY 12072

(518) 853 - 3650

Date: Wed, 21 Feb 2018
Subject: My grandpa Mel Stoll, PFC, 94th Inf, 376th, D Co

I am trying to find out more information on my grandpa. Sadly my aunts and uncles don't have much information and some of what they remember is contradictory. It's a long shot but I want to see if anyone in your group may have records or rosters for the 376th or know where I should look? I keep hitting dead ends. I found a copy of the History of the 376th and am reading it now. However I scanned it and don't see my grandpa's company mentioned in the book nor is he listed in the back as a Bronze Star recipient although his Form 53 says he received 3. The form says grandpa was a Machinists Helper 431. I would love to find someone that knows what a Machinists Helper did too. What I find on line is scant...I don't know how a soldier is an infantryman and also working in a machine shop! My dad has grandpa's Combat Infantry Badge so he saw hostile fire?

Anyway, any leads or information you can send my way I would appreciate so much. I'm sick that I waited until I was 50 years old and my grandpa gone 15 years before I began wondering about and trying to honor him.
Thank you.
Kim Kraus (Stoll)

From: Jeff Boldt <landolah@gmail.com>
Date: Mon, 19 Feb 2018
Subject: 94th Infantry, December 1945, Czechoslovakia


My name is Jeff Boldt, and I live in Colorado.

In December, 1945, my father was an eleven-year-old German boy who had been evacuated to Marianske Lazne, Czechoslovakia (or what was then Marienbad, Sudetenland, German Empire.) On the last day of the American occupation of the area, he and my uncle and grandmother were smuggled out by African-American US soldiers in supply trucks as they left for good to the American Zone in Germany. The Czechs wanted them to stay behind for retribution and work in labor camps, but these generous souls showed them pity, even after all the horrors the Nazi German government had inflicted on the world.

I'm trying to learn which division or battalion these soldiers could've been part of. I've learned the 94th Infantry was responsible for the area, and (unless I'm mistaken) African-American soldiers were commonly relegated to Quartermaster and General Services battalions. I'm trying to learn specifically which members of the 94th Infantry would have been driving supply trucks as the occupation of Czechoslovakia ended in November / December 1945.

I would be forever thankful for any help you can provide me.

Jeff Boldt

From: Stephen Thompson <stephent59@comcast.net>
Date: Thu, 15 Feb 2018
Subject: Dempsey C. Thompson B/301

My father was Dempsey C. Thompson of Company B 301st Regiment 94th Division from 1942-1945.

He never talked about the war. But I would like to know everything that he went through.

From: Scott Bockhorst <mrbockhorst.sab@gmail.com>
Date: Mon, 5 Feb 2018
Subject: My Grandfather Herman Oliver Bockhorst

Herman and familyGood afternoon Gentleman,
I am just wanting to put a post out there.

My Grandfather Herman Oliver Bockhorst served in the 376th infantry and he went on to serve as an MP in Nuremberg.

I do have copies of some of his personal photos from over there but no stories.
Grandpa passed in 2000.

Subject: Tech/5 Glenn G Sanford
From: Eric Deets <destroyer9468@gmail.com>
Date: Sat, 3 Feb 2018

Looking for information on Tech/5 Glenn G Sanford. He is a member of the Madison County Hall of Heroes by virtue of his Bronze Star medal. His records show he was a member of Company B/319th Engineer Battalion.

I have nothing except his discharge paper.

Our website is at: www.mcmhc.us/?page=profile&hero=271



From: Kevin D <farmall3952@gmail.com>
Date: Sat, 6 Jan 2018
Subject: Joseph E. Roza 94th Infantry World War Two

My Grandfather Joseph. E. Roza was in the 94th Infantry Division during World War Two. He was Awarded a Silver Star, and a Purple Heart. Like many Veterans who have seen combat he didn't talk about his experiences. He passed in 2013. I've been trying to follow were he went through Europe. Using the dates maybe I could narrow down where he was at when he was Awarded his Silver Star. I do have a copy of his discharge papers and paperwork on his Silver Star. Unfortunately I haven't been able to to find much information.

From: Michael Tessler <michaeljtessler@gmail.com>
Date: Tue, 23 Jan 2018
Subject: Reconnecting daughter with her WWII veteran father's history

Hello -

My name is Michael Tessler, I'm assisting my cousin with discovering where her father was stationed during WWII. He was a member of the 94th Infantry Division.

He began his career as a private but ended up becoming a sergeant. His serial number was 33909369. He was born May 19, 1916, in Ohio. His name was Charles Hoyt Mace. Any chance you could assist me in finding what company he was in and where he would have been during the war? Thanks so much!

Warmest Regards,
Michael Tessler

From: John Hollister <jhollister@holmeshollister.com>
Subject: Jack Hollister (Cat) D/301

jack hollister 1944Attached are various photo’s of my father, Jack Hollister (whom we called “Cat”). Also can send you complete “The Attack” newspaper from September 9, 1945. Let me know.

-John Hollister

Attack News 1944Click on News to enlarge

Attack News 1945Jack and a Grandfather

Jack Hollister

Date: Sun, 21 Jan 2018
From: Jack Evans <evansaz@aol.com>
Subject: 94th Infantry Division Association

I am trying to help a friend find information about his brother's service and death when he served with the 302 Infantry 94th Divisiin in WW-II. He was killed on 7 March 1945, and was awarded the Silver Star for his actions. The Citation for the award indicates that he was firing his B.A.R. at the advancing enemy when he was killed.
The soldier's name was: PVT. DAVID VINIGRAD, from New York. He was born on 10 August 1917.

The limited Division history which we have found suggests that he was probably killed during the battle for Lampaden Ridge, but we would greatly appreciate any confirmation and additional information.

We live in a retirement.community which recently established a program recognizing veterans, and that has renewed interest in the veterans' military histories.

Jack L. Evans
9508 E. Riggs Rd., Apt. D208
Sun Lakes, AZ 85248

(I served in Co. K, 357th Infantry, 90th Division, and was first wounded on 10 July 1944, and received the Distinguished Service Cross for actions at that time.)


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