The 188th Infantry Brigade was reactivated on 1 October 1997 at Fort Stewart, Georgia.  Currently a separate brigade under the First Continental U.S. Army, the 188th Infantry Brigade derives its lineage from its original constitution on 24 June 1921 as an element of the 94th Infantry Division.  Through a series of re-designations and reorganizations, the 188th Infantry Brigade became part of the 94th  Reconnaissance Troop, 94th Infantry Division and participated in 4 World War II campaigns between September 1942 and February 1946, its only wartime active duty period of service.   The "Battle Ready" Brigade was reactivated to provide training support to Reserve Component units in our region.  There are currently 248 soldiers assigned to the Brigade in 5 training support battalions and the Brigade Headquarters.  The 188th Infantry Brigade currently supports the training of over 5000 National Guard and Reserve Component soldiers in infantry,
armor, cavalry, aviation, artillery, communications, medical, maintenance, and supply units.  Since 8 July 1998, the 188th Infantry Brigade has been under the command of COL Billy E. Wells, Jr.  The Command Sergeant Major is CSM James W. Barsh.  The Brigade is composed entirely of active duty senior noncommissioned officers and officers who conduct training assistance and valuations for a variety of combat arms, combat support and combat service support units in the First U.S. Army’s area of responsibility. The Brigade's mission simply stated is to assist in increasing the overall unit proficiency of priority Reserve Component units.  We accomplish this by teaching, coaching, mentoring, and evaluating our Reserve counterparts in the numerous collective, leader, and individual tasks that a unit must perform to the Army standard in order to be combat effective.

     Since its recent reactivation, the 188th Infantry Brigade has been very busy with the initial tasks involved with reforming the unit.  A new building was constructed on Fort Stewart, Georgia for the Brigade and was occupied in August 1997.  The First Continental U.S. Army, the Brigade's higher headquarters, also purchased new furniture and computers for the Brigade's use.  A new motor pool is currently under construction so the Brigade can store and maintain its large fleet of

     The battalions of the Brigade initially had to train and certify all the soldiers in their units to be Observer/Controller/Trainers to the First U.S. Army Standard. This was accomplished prior to the Brigade's undertaking of its first training support mission in the 2nd quarter of this fiscal year.

     Being a tenant unit at Fort Stewart, Georgia, the 188th gets involved in many installation and 3d Infantry Division (Mechanized) activities.  So far, the Brigade has established a solid reputation in Post sports competition.  The Brigade softball team was undefeated for most of the season last spring and finally ended up in third place overall for the installation.  During the recent "Marne Week" sports competition, the soldiers of the Brigade participated in numerous sports and
military skills events.  The Brigade consistently placed in the top three positions of virtually every event, earning the "Division Commander's Cup" for the entire Post!  This was a huge accomplishment that earned the 188th the admiration and respect of the entire community.

   The majority of the National Guard units which the Brigade supports conduct their annual training in the spring and summer months at Fort Stewart.  This fact keeps the 188th totally committed during these high density periods.  The Brigade trainers are busy conducting such diverse missions as tank gunnery crew evaluations, scout platoon screen mission exercises, small arms marksmanship instruction, dismounted infantry ambush and platoon defense exercises, as well as Field Artillery and Aviation training.  The Brigade also trains Reserve units in the medical, quartermaster, communications, and other combat service support functions.

     The 188th Infantry continues to serve today's modern Army with pride and professionalism while taking into account the proud history of the Brigade and honoring its accomplishments of the past.  The 188th Infantry Brigade would like to establish and maintain a relationship with the 94th Division Association as a link to the past and a bridge to the future.  We would like to display photographs and mementos in our Headquarters building for our soldiers to appreciate and for our veterans to be remembered.  Association members will be invited and encouraged to attend future unit functions to foster interaction between the generations of soldiers which we feel would be mutually beneficial.  "Battle Ready!"…."Attack!"



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