94th infantry division world war 2 war dead memorial

302nd Infantry Regiment
L - O

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Name Serial 
Grade Arm or Service Type 
Lane John R 33907765 PVT INF KIA
Lasseigne Larry N 38501193 SGT INF KIA
Laughary James W 36473650 PVT INF KIA
Launius Harry B Jr. 34826389 PFC INF KIA
Lawson Millard NMI 44041358 PVT INF KIA
Leathers Vernon 35689705 PFC INF KIA
Ledesma Max L 39247994 SGT INF KIA
Lee Marion M 37401624 S SG IND KIA
Leonard James E Jr. 34593495 TEC5 INF KIA
Leonard Richard P 31041818 PFC INF KIA
Lewis Woodrow O 35745491 PFC INF KIA
Liber Benjamin L 31410097 S SG INF KIA
Lindberg Hjalmer O 36286417 PFC INF KIA
Lingquist John D 37541124 SGT INF DOW
Lohr Banks M 32595251 SGT INF KIA
Lutterodt William W 32598264 TEC3  MD KIA
Lyerly Lewis R 44015625 PFC INF KIA
Lynch Arthur F 32906887 PFC INF DOW
Lytle Edward 34408080 PFC INF KIA
Mac Intyre Donald R 32578425 PVT INF KIA
Macumber Clifford R 36834981 SGT INF KIA
Magner John T 37625213 SGT INF DOW
Mariano Frank 32716100 PVT INF DOW 3/5/1944
Mars Ellwood F 33813281 PVT INF DOW
Marsh Henry L 39243511 PFC INF KIA
Maselka Joseph T 42095423 PVT INF KIA
Mc Allister Lee F 36284359 PFC INF DOW
Mc Cartney Charles F 33923956 PVT INF KIA
Mc Connell Lee J 36598067 SGT INF DOW
Mc Kay Arthur R 31376740 PVT INF KIA
Mc Keon William F 42035342 PFC INF DOW
Mc Kisson Wayne W 34496736 PFC INF KIA
Mc Laughlin Herbert 39470704 PVT INF KIA
Mc Laughlin Jerome F 32952689 PFC INF KIA
Merrill Robert C 36462749 PVT INF KIA
Merry James J 12220475 PVT INF KIA
Mertzlufft Edward J 37400274 S SG INF KIA
Meyer Albert C 35800264 TEC4 INF KIA
Moodispaugh Alston E 35745449 SGT INF KIA
Moonier Zeno S 17161967 PFC INF KIA
Mortimer Delmar A 33456664 PFC INF KIA
Moser Philip J 33923503 PVT INF KIA
Movold Richard E 39206136 PFC INF KIA
Moyer Leroy W 33259016 PFC INF KIA
Nations David F Jr. 01330950 2 LT INF KIA
Neuman Russell V 36463009 PVT INF KIA
Newsom Hershell L R 38212968 PFC INF KIA
Nixon Earl A 37629042 PFC INF KIA
Noel Yves 38483702 PFC INF KIA
Novak Robert A 33678319 PFC INF KIA
Oglialora Frank P Jr. 33200269 PFC INF KIA
Ohara Frank A 32230732 T SG INF KIA
Owens Eugene M 37622724 PVT  INF KIA
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