94th infantry division world war 2 war dead memorial

376st Infantry Regiment
H - K

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Name Serial 
Grade Arm or Service Type 
Hamerski Joseph T 33674287 PFC INF KIA  
Haney Walker 34516598 S SG INF KIA  
Harding Fred 37338875 S SG INF KIA 1/28/1945
Harris Rodgers J 44010726 PVT INF KIA 3/23/1945
Hart Paul V 42000085 PFC INF KIA  
Heath Leslie A Jr. 42016425 PFC INF DOW 1/16/1945
Hedrick Mayford L 34499970 PFC INF KIA 1/26/1945
Heinemann Elmer A 37264889 S SG INF KIA 11/29/1944
Heiss James C 36410449 PFC INF KIA  
Hemmerlein Edward W 35809993 PFC INF KIA 2/20/1945
Hempel Albert 37327761 PVT INF KIA 9/22/1944
Heppel Herman R 32598280 TEC4 MD KIA 1/28/1945
Hernandez Manuel P 39597594 PVT INF KIA  
Hileman James B Jr. 33924397 PVT INF DOW  
Hill Willard J 34360911 SGT INF KIA 2/10/1945
Hinton Leroy 44013582 PVT INF KIA  
Hodges Raymond M 44010591 PVT INF KIA  
Hodges Tom 01324775 1 LT INF DOW 2/17/1945
Holdcraft Robert M 13138539 PFC INF KIA  
Honig Thomas R 42178742 PVT INF KIA  
Huneycutt Clair 38279845 PFC INF KIA  
Hurt Bryan M 38571436 PVT INF KIA  
Ikebe Edward 39479928 PVT INF FOD 2/11/1946
Irwin George E 44016283 PVT INF KIA  
Jamison Conrad H Jr. 14132639 PVT INF KIA 2/25/1945
Jaworski Raymond L 42098131 PVT INF DOW  
Jenkins Thomas A 34795592 PFC INF KIA 12/29/1944
Jerome William H 37750769 PVT INF KIA  
Johnson Helmar C 36286404 TEC4 MD KIA 2/19/1945
Johnson Warren F 42005343 PVT INF KIA  
Johnston Albert F 32680262 S SG INF KIA  
Johnston James F  37678886 PFC INF KIA  
Johnston Stanley M 15045218 SGT INF KIA  
Jones Claude D 35781951 PVT INF KIA  
Joos Bennie W 36287242 PFC INF KIA 2/10/1945
Juergensen Walter S 37243407 PFC INF KIA 2/10/1945
Kabik Alvin D 13143272 PFC INF KIA  
Karahuta Mike J 33403643 PFC INF KIA  
Kennedy Robert P 12220914 PVT INF KIA 1/16/1945
Kiertzner Alfred C 37600208 PVT INF  KIA 3/24/1945
Kincaid Robert J   6663974 T SG INF KIA  
King Alfred M  32666266 SGT INF KIA 1/19/1945
Klawitter Elmer L 37541309 S SG INF KIA 2/23/1945
Klein Harold V 37400425 S SG INF KIA  
Kokin Robert F 36695657 PVT INF KIA  
Kreutz Gordon B 33814600 PVT INF KIA  
Kurtz Frederick D 13184835 PFC INF KIA  
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