94th infantry division world war 2 war dead memorial

301st Infantry Regiment

Name Serial 
Grade Arm or Service Type 
Date of
Rainwater Charlie 35658632 PVT INF KIA
Ramlow Frederick W 01825640 1 LT INF KIA
Rauso Armando A 32681756 PVT INF KIA
Reed William A 37561762 PFC INF KIA
Reid Francis H 35572961 PFC INF KIA
Reid Turner 34501072 PVT INF KIA Jan 29 1945
Reinecke Kenneth J 36284708 SGT INF KIA Jan 21 1945
Richards Thomas F 34517238 PFC INF DOW Oct 2 1944
Riebel William J 33474211 PFC INF KIA
Rievley Paul A 37644041 PVT INF DOW Mar 28 1945
Robinson J C 34608580 PFC INF DOW
Robling John A 33616362 PFC INF KIA
Rogers William T 32657720 PFC INF KIA
Romero Juan 38348848 PVT INF KIA
Rowe Frank F 39027419 S SG INF KIA
Rowlison Clarence A 37444212 S SG INF KIA
Rudowitz Irving M 42180060 PVT INF KIA
Ryan Bernard J 32086305 T SG INF KIA
Ryfa Nelson M 12174411 PFC INF DOW
Sawka John 32635709 TEC3 MD KIA
scales Knox L 01289853 1 LT INF KIA
Schairer John A 36562141 PFC INF KIA
Schneider James I  42097198 PVT INF KIA
Schnuck Albert R 35718960 SGT INF KIA
Schonthaler Nick S 35241147 PVT INF KIA
Schrade August A 36112395 TEC4 INF DOW
Schwanke Edmund A 36781544 PFC INF KIA
Scott Henry A 42165163 PVT INF KIA
Sellers Luther L 20420046 PFC INF KIA
Seman John A Jr. 33259006 SGT INF KIA
Sepoll John C 36006390 T SG INF DOW
Share Milton D 19204140 PVT INF KIA
Sheppard Arthur J 34665890 PFC INF DOW
Shields Robert S 35427132 PFC INF FOD
Shope Jessie D 34499555 PFC INF KIA
Short Jessie D 34950429 PVT INF KIA
Shriber Robert H 35929099 PFC INF KIA
Shuford Roy L   6923342 PFC INF KIA
Siemer James J 35241142 PVT INF KIA
Simpson Bernard H 35241154 PVT INF KIA
Sinclair Charles A  0-315546 CAPT INF DOW
Smith Ernest R 34725594 CPL INF KIA
Smith Lloyd R 32597828 CPL INF KIA
Smith Ralph F 39320993 CPL INF KIA
Smith Russell L Jr. 35152335 TEC4 INF DOW
Snider Denver M 37199658 CPL  INF KIA
Snider Thomas M 39711048 PFC INF KIA
Snyder Virgil V 32679164 PFC INF KIA
Sosnowski John  33300324 PFC INF KIA
Spencer Alfred N 12167129 SGT INF KIA
Sprowls Willis J Jr. 33403606 PFC INF KIA
Steadman Harold E 33407340 T SG INF DOW
Stewart Donald M  0-342672 CAPT INF KIA Feb 21, 1945
Stewart Nicholas J 31413847 PVT INF DOW
Stone William G 38473290 PFC INF KIA
Stough Clyde A 35719030 SGT INF KIA Jan 24, 1945
Striewski Julius C 32950722 PVT INF KIA Feb 22, 1945
Stubbs Ruben M 34275606 PFC INF KIA
Suereth Donald N 33516421 SGT INF KIA
Swan Edward D 32934276 PFC INF KIA Mar 6, 1945
Swanson Verner O 37176784 PVT INF KIA
Swenson Benjamin L 37427252 PFC INF KIA
Sykes Fernie 34517641 PFC MD KIA
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