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February 2001
Moderator's Note: We have found Mr. Betts on our roles and have determined that he was with the 94th Signal Co. We have no information on his address after discharge from the Army. If you have any information on Wm. Betts please email the below party with a copy to us at the 94th Association 94thAssociation@94thinfdiv.com

Date: Fri, 23 Feb 2001
From: J E Meyer <jslmeyer@mail.adams.net
Subject: Wm H.W. Betts

My name is Jena Meyer and I live in West Central Illinois. My brother is a road commissioner in our rural farming community. Sadly, people sometimes dump trash along the country roads. Today, as my brother was once again cleaning up someone else's mess, he found something interesting among the debris:

A book, similar to a high school yearbook, but it is "The Men and Women in World War II from Vernon County".  There is a Vernon County in Missouri, but we are not sure this is the correct one. Inside the book, there are two items, folded and tucked away for safe keeping:
 A Shoe Purchase Certificate issued to Wm H.W. Betts, serial number 37244746, signed by Remo B Canelli;1st Lieut., Air Corps, Jefferson Bks.,Mo. October 17, 194? (date obscured) The Third Anniversary Special edition of The Attack magazine, September 15, 1945. On the back, 23 hand written autographs and addresses. The items are all in remarkable condition, except for a bit of damage to the binding on the book.

We assume the items all belonged to Mr. Betts. He is listed in the book with a photo. He served in Europe and was discharged in Oct. 1945. Do you have any information on Mr. Betts or his family? I would be pleased to return these items to Mr Betts or his family if they have an interest. Otherwise, is there an archive or other interested party who would preserve these mementos?
Thank you for your help.
Jena Meyer

From: John Lukacs
Date: Tue, 20 Feb 2001 
Subject: Lt. Orin Beller, Co. F, 302nd Inf. Reg, 94th Inf. Div.

Hello. I am writing a book on former athletes who served in the military and am trying to locate some information on Lt. Orin F. Beller, a former member of the 94th Inf. Div. Beller was a running back at Montana State University before the war. He died of wounds received in battle on Nov. 13, 1944. He was a member of Company F, 302 Inf. Reg. If anyone served with Beller, or has any information regarding him, I would like to hear from you. Please e-mail me at JLUKACS1@aol.com or call 
(724) 327-7023. Thanks!

John Lukacs

From: Thomas (Tex) Lewis 
Date: Sun, 18 Feb 2001
Subject: Thomas Lewis 

My father was in the 94th during the war. He was attached to the 319 Med Div. and was a surgicial tech. He was in Headquarters and maybe another company. 

He grew up in W. Va. before leaving for the war. He was stationed in Miss., Kan., Texas and I don't know where else ! 
I would like to hear from any one that knew him   Thank You 

Thomas (Tex) Lewis 
1212 Glenview Dr. 
Berthoud , CO 80513 

Date: Sun, 18 Feb 2001
From: Mark Dothager 
Subject: Darrell Dothager 

Searching for any info on a very dear cousin lost in battle near Butzdorf on Jan. 14, 1945. The best info that I have, is that he was in the 376th Inf. Reg't.as a machine gunner. 
Thanks for anything. Mark Dothager 

Date: Thu, 15 Feb 2001
Subject: Looking for a person 
From: Derrek J. Smith

I am looking for an email address for Tony Unrein for my dad Howard Muth who has at the reunion with him last May and would like to know if he is going this year, Linda Smith wwswtw@aol.com
Thanks so much.

From: "Siress" <bsiress@hcis.net
Subject: 302nd in czech 
Date: Wed, 14 Feb 2001

Was wondering if you might know of any towns in Czechsolvika that the 302nd E company might have stayed in. Would you happen to know George Hunts phone number in Oregon.  Thank You
Brad Siress

From: "Robert Brizzolara" <brizz@pikeonline.net
Subject: helping out 
Date: Mon, 12 Feb 2001

Robert Brizzolara
"C" Co. 302nd

I am writing this to encourage anyone who may have information about James Glasgow who served in the third platoon Company C 302.
Jim died about Feb. 28, 1945 while the company advanced up a hill.
Recently Jim's brother Bill Glasgow inquired about him and I responded to the best of my memory. I am sure that someone who was in the same squad as Jim could add more about the time that Jim spent with the platoon.
If anyone can help please cantact Bill Glasgow at the following address.
Oh yes if anyone can tell Bill where he might locate a copy of the 94th history book it would mean a lot.
Thank you
Bob Brizzolara

From: Carl J. Skeath
Subject: Lost Buddies  - 94th Division -  301st Infantry  WW11 
Date: Wed, 7 Feb 2001

I  am looking for information on locating the men that were with my father prior to his being killed in Germany, February 8, 1945.  My father was from Indiana, Lawrence Lee Young (Larry) and was a Staff Sgt.  30lst Infantry, 94th Division of the Army  I would also be interested in others who may have known him.

The  men who were with him, were John Wolf, Sam Ritchie and Clyde Stough. Clyde Stough was from Indiana also.
I am not sure what states the other two men were from.

I am interested in learning more about my father, as I do
not remember him.

Thank you,

Lela Young Skeath

From: LHartleip@aol.com 
Date: Sat, 3 Feb 2001
Subject: Trip Planning - 94th Inf Div Tour of Duty 

My four brothers and I are planning to travel to Europe with my father to retrace his path during his tour of duty with the 94th Infantry Division.  We are planning to fly into Paris in late May, rent a van, and tour for about a week before our return. 

This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for us, and we want to make the best of it.  We would appreciate any advice on how to make the trip a success, and any leads to resources that we can use for planning.

Larry Hartleip

From: "kredfish" <kredfish@home.com
Date: Fri, 2 Feb 2001
Subject: PFC Morris B. Redmann, Jr., 94th, 376th I.R., Company L, 1st Platoon - KIA Battle of the Bulge 1/14/45
Looking for any information about PFC Morris B. Redmann, Jr. 376th Infantry Regiment, Company L, 1st Platoon, KIA Battle of the Bulge 1/14/45.  Uncle Morris was in the ASTP program, took basic at Ft. Benning, and was reassigned to L Co., 376th Infantry in early April 1944 as a rifleman in the first platoon.  Wounded in Brittany Sept. 18, 1944 while engaged in screening and containing German Garrisons at the Breton Port of St, Nazaire.

He was from New Orleans, LA.  One of ten children, my Dad's oldest brother.  I am looking for any info you might have, a story, a recollection, fond memory of, etc.  Any photos would also be appreciated. 

 His legacy will live on in the hearts of our family forever as will the appreciation for the freedom we have today because of him and boys like him, who made the ultimate sacrifice.

Please contact me by e-mail kredfish@home.com

In admiration, respectfully yours,
Kirk Redmann
3808 Neyrey Drive
Metairie, LA  70002
(504) 606-6522


If anyone has information
please contact person direct by Email or Phone
if available
John Clyburn, Secretary

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