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May 2001

From: CSMJAS@aol.com
Date: Sat, 2 Jun 2001
Subject: Locate Newly Weds
Please post the following note on your site:

'Hope some of you old-timers of the 94th can help me identify and locate two people my wife and I met while with the 94th. On the evening of 2 January 1944 the young couple with first names Opal and Bill (Probably William) were married at a large 2 story home that had been converted to a guest house (USO Type) for GI's on Main Street, Winona, Miss. They were both from Oklahoma, Tulsa I believe. Bill was either in the Artilllery, a Cannon or Heavy Weapons Company. He was not in a Rifle Company if my memory serves me correctly. Any information would be greatly appreciated. If there are any F/376 guys out there I would like to
hear from you too.

Email address - CSMJAS@aol.com
J. A. (Jim) Smalley
CSM, US Army Retired

From: JeffLBarnett@aol.com
Date: Mon, 28 May 2001
Subject: Search for Robert L. Ellis

Search for Robert L. Ellis last known address of Catonsville, MD.  My Uncle James Craven of Lansing, Michigan is interested in locating Mr. Ellis.

"Jim" was with Mr. Ellis in "M" Company 301st Infantry, 94th Division in
German and at Fort Devens, MA where he saw him last before they shipped out for Korea.

If you could provide any information we would certainly appreciate it.  Jim's present address is:

James Craven
1416 North Jenison
Lansing, Michigan 48915

Thank you very much

Jeffrey L. Barnett

From: "Carl J. Skeath" carlj1@sigecom.net
Subject: Lawrence Lee Young
Date: Sun, 27 May 2001

I am looking for information about my father Staff Sgt, 3rd Army Infantry, 301st Infantry, Machine Gun Squad Leader, 94th Division, KIA February 8, 1945 in Germany.

He was from Gosport, Indiana.  The men that were with him when he was killed were Sam Ritchie, John Wolf, Clyde Stough (also from Indiana), and Francis Storrs.

I am interested in stories, recollections, memories or photos of him or his Division.

Any information would be appreciated, as I do not remember him.

Thank you,

Lela Young Skeath

From: Samijomike@aol.com
Subject: Monument Dedication

The 94th monument was dedicated at Fort Benning, Ga on April 23,2001 on a beautiful clear, warm day, very different from the times that made this monument necessary.  there werre approximately 150 94thers there, including spouses, children and their spouses and grandchildren.  The monument is  a black.shiny  rounded triangle, reflecting the  Saar-Moselle Triangle  where the 94th history was written in blood.  The surface of the monument reflects the person viewing it, so that you are a part of the monument while there, whether you are part of the 94th or part of the nation that benefits from the duty and honor that this monument represents.  These young men did what was required of them and then returned to this nation and continued to do their best, returning to schools, jobs, families, communities picking up the threads of their lives and giving their best.  It is a legacy that future generations must thank them for and strive to continue building upon.
Sami Blomquist

George Borcherding  (G376)

From: Buddahz54@aol.com
Date: Sun, 20 May 2001
Subject: Mitchell  ( Mitch )  Zdeb S/Sgt.

My father Mitchell Zdeb who served in The 94th Division passed away  August 9th 1987.  He resided in Chicago,Illinois until the time of his passing.

My father Mithchell Zdeb served with the 94th infantry division. He was a Staff Sgt. He  received the Purple heart/ Oak leaf cluster and other medals.

He married my mom Joann, in 1951 and had us 3 boys. Carl, Joe and Ken.  We would love going to the 94ths' Christmas parties in Chicago where we lived and the annual picnics. I remember a veteran named Pat Malone, and a veteran named Dale. do not remember his last name,but lived here in Illinois and saw him on a PBS  television special about veterans. Unfortunately my father has passed in 1987, at the Hines veterans hospital.  Is there a directory of 94th members in Illinois available?

Anyone having known my father Mitchell (Mitch) Zdeb or have any pictures of him,you can contact me at  Buddahz54@aol.com

thanks  Joe Zdeb

From: Elizabeth Wells <ecwells@samford.edu>
Date: Tue, 15 May 2001
Subject: POW exchanges, Lorient & St. Nazaire, France, November & December  1944

Samford University is preparing for a film documentary of the POW exchanges of 149 Allied prisoners at Lorient and St. Nazaire, November and December 1944.  These exchanges were negotiated by Samford alumnus, Andrew G. Hodges, A.R.C. Field Director, 94th Division.  We are seeking personal recollections, photos, etc.  We have contacted the American Red Cross, National Archives, individuals and received some information but want to follow all leads.  The VFW referred me to your web site.  Very impressive!

I look forward to hearing from you.  Should you think of other contacts,
please let us know that too.

Elizabeth C. Wells
Special Collection Librarian

From: "Reid Bookwalter" <rbookwalter@hotmail.com>
Subject: PFC Philip Moscinski
Date: Thu, 10 May 2001

I am writing in hopes of finding some information on my Grandfather, Philip Moscinksi. As best I can tell, he was in 2/302, Co. F and is mentioned in Byrnes' 'History of the 94th Infantry Division', Chapter 34, 'The Fight for the Hill Tops.' He was awarded a Purple Heart and CIB and I would like to find out more. If anyone might have any information on him or know how I might go about obtaining a copy of his records (DD-214 or the WWII equivalent), it would be greatly appreciated.

Thank You
Reid Bookwalter

From: "Tracy Shilcutt" <shilcutt@msn.com>
Subject: 94th combat medics--ETO, World War II
Date: Thu, 8 May 2001

My name is Tracy Shilcutt, I am currently completing research on a dissertation on World War II ETO combat medics. I am in the Department of History as a graduate student at Texas Christian University but live in Abilene, Texas.

I found your association website online and hoped you might be able to help me. I have contacted several other division association representatives and am receiving good feedback.

I am examining the role of the combat medic as a component of the combat unit and hoped to locate veterans who might be willing to participate in a brief survey/questionnaire.  I am interested in both the perspective of the former medic, former combat unit members, and others involved in the evacuation process. I have already sent questionnaires to former medics, aid station personnel, combat team members, and evac hospital techs. In general, the divisions forwarded my request to their members, and they have been contacting me by email.  I have also received association mailing lists through the mail, and some Associations are printing my request in their quarterly publications.

I hope that you can help me contact members of the 94th Infantry Division Association who might be willing to participate in this project. I believe that the medics' stories relate important experiences of the war, which have not as yet received adequate attention.

Thank you for your consideration.

Tracy M. Shilcutt
30 Spears Circle
Abilene, Texas 79601

From: Adgainey1@cs.com
Date: Thu, 3 May 2001
Subject: Arnold (Jay) Gainey

My Dad, Arnold (Jay) Gainey  and I are tryin to locate former army buddies from WWII. He was in Company C 302nd Infantry.  He was in battles in ARDENNES RHINELAND Central europe from Feb. of '45 to Oct. of '45. Please reply to Adgainey1@cs.com. Thanx.

Date: Thu, 03 May 2001
From: Deedra Linder
Subject: A.D.Gainey, 94th WWII

I am looking for anyone who would remember my grandfather, Arnold D. Gainey, who served in WW II, now living in FL.  Please email me at Dlinder100@cs.com

 Deedra Linder


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