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September 2001

From: "tsgehrig" <tsgehrig@gateway.net
Subject: John C. Gehrig
Date: Tue, 04 Sep 2001

I found your e-mail address on the 94th Infantry Division Web site.  I have found the site most interesting. 

My name is Ted Gehrig.  My father John C. Gehrig was General Harry J. Malony's aide from very early in the war as the 94th Infantry Division was being formed until the end of the war in Europe.   Both the General and my Dad (in the background with goggles around his neck) are pictured in a photo on the home page of the 94th Infantry Division Web Site.   I have downloaded the picture off the web site so I could print out a clean copy -- unfortunately the resolution was not that great (which makes sense as you don't want it to take forever to download the home page).  Do you have access to a high density "jpeg" file of the photo?  I'd like to get a clean copy that I could print out on a high resolution printer and then frame. The photo that I am looking for (low resolution copy) is included in the attached Microsoft WORD file. 

My Dad is still alive and now lives in South Carolina.  I'd like to send him a nice father's day present to remind him of his good friend General Harry J. Maloney.  Any help you could provide in securing a high resolution digital copy of the photo would be greatly appreciated. 

I have yet to make it out the 94th Infantry Division Museum out at Ft. Deven here in Massachusetts but it is on my list of sites to see. 


Ted Gehrig
Boston, Massachusetts 

From: Walter Schmidt
Subject: Press request: Searching Robert Kingsbury 
Tue, 04 Sep 2001

Dear Gentlemen: 
As a German journalist writing about the Siegfried Line I got to know your division member Robert Kingsbury a coouple of weeks ago on the German-Luxemburg border, to be more exakt: in a pill-box at Sinz/Saarland. For my article I would need some more detailed information about Your division?s attack on the shelters of the Orscholz-Riegel, the fortification line linked to the main Siegfried Line. Is there ana chance to send or even mail me sort of a military diary, dealing concisely with the attack on Sinz? And could you give me Mr. Kingsbury?s address (telephone and e-mail) in New Hampshire?

That would be of great help to me, thanks a lot, 

Walter Schmidt

Tel: 0228/96911-42 (Fax: -43)
E-Mail: schmidtwalter@t-online.de
Heerstra?e 89
53111 Bonn
Tel. 0228/9638022
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From: Joseph Douglas
Date: Tue, 04 Sep 2001
Subject: Gordon Douglas Co. C 319 Engineers, 94th 

My granddad, Gordon L. Douglas, who served in Company C of the 319th Engineers throughout the war past away last Christmas Eve, and I am earnestly trying to contact anyone who might have served with him.  While I can recall from my childhood many of his wartime stories with clarity, he became particularly vivid in relating what he and his fellow soldiers saw in his fading hours.  If anybody served with him, or can help me conduct a better search, I would be grateful to hear from you.

Joseph Douglas

From: Janet Gordon 
Date: Tue, 04 Sep 2001
Subject: 301st infantry, Company E 

My father, Claude W. Lee, was a private and then staff sergeant in Company E of the 301st and was in France and Germany from Sept. 1944 to June 1945.  I am interested in any further history I can find about his unit at that time, and certainly any individuals that were part of it.  Some of the battles he was in include Sinz, Faha, and Freudenberg, Germany.

I can be emailed at Jgordon105@aol.com

Janet Gordon 

From: Chillinout62@cs.com 
Date: Tue, 04 Sep 2001
Subject: Clarence (Micky) R. Corbin 

I am trying to find some information about my Grandfather. His name was Clarence Rolland Corbin. His friends called him Micky. He was killed in action on February 19th, 1945. He was in the 301st, 94th Infantry division. He was from Nokesville, Virginia. His wife's name was Marie. I wish I knew more about him and I hope that someone will remember him. I am not even sure what battle he may have been killed in. I have tried to find out more information but unfortunately so far I have not been able to obtain very much. His # was 33858594. I do know from talking with family and friends that he had very light blue eyes. He had two children, one boy named William (Billy) and a daughter named Betty. Thanks and God bless. 

Cynthia Miller 

From: ludwigreisen@t-online.de (Ludwig) 
Subject: Duisburg events 1945 
Date: Mon, 03 Sep 2001

In 2002 the suburb H?ttenheim in the south of Duisburg will have its 90th anniversary and at the moment I am preparing a book about the history of our suburb. In April 1945 it was the 94th Infantry Division US Army which freed our suburb after 12 years from the NAZIs. The older people still remember the end of the war and I am now looking for men of the 94th Inf.Div. which took place in 
the events of 1945. There have been around 6 weeks of Artillery bombardment on the city between March and April 1945 and the men of your Division came from the suburb M?ndelheim just across from Uerdingen, where the German troops destroyed the "Adolf Hitler" bridge. From M?ndelheim they moved to the North to our suburb H?ttenheim with the great Mannesmann steelworks which are a landmark of the suburb and also a large clock tower in the middle of the old housing. 

They moved along the mainstreet with two large Restaurants where also have been dancing evenings for the soldiers, a cinema called "Lichtspiele" and the end station of the No.8 cable car where also the soldiers of your Division went to the city. The soldiers of your Division lived in the more comfortable houses of the Directors and Engineers of the factory and have had their "headquarter" in the "Casino" of the steel mill till the British Troops came to Duisburg. I would 
be glad if there is anybody of the 94th Inf. Div. who still remembers the events of 1945 and could write them to me. Also if there are documents or photographs for the book which I am writing.

Please write to: 
Harald Molder,Franziskusstra?e 9,47269 Duisburg, Germany

From: Walt Stewart
Date: Mon, 03 Sep 2001
Subject: INFO ON AAA Units 

My name is Walt Stewart, my uncle Steve Fuschetto, served during WWII in North Africa, Sicily, and Italy. I would like to get any info on his unit 434 AAA, 9 WBN - CAC, I got this info off his tombstone, he died in 1948. I think he was with the 5th Army but that is not for sure. Any help would be greatly 
appreciated! Or, a direction in which I could go to get info. 

Thank you, Walt Stewart 

Date: Mon, 03 Sepl 2001
From: Ray Boeche <rb80507@navix.net
Subject: 302nd Inf, 3rd battalion, Company I 

My father-in-law served with the 94th Division, 302nd Infantry, 3rd Battalion, Company I.

If anyone from that particular unit would care to write, i would like to pass greetings on from and to, my father-in-law.

His name is Sandor Chomos, he was a PFC, of Hungarian descent (thick accent) but was from New York City.

Any information or contacts would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks very much.

Ray Boeche

From: Pailliotet, Thomas C., 1SG (HHC 1SG) 
Sent: Sat 1 Sep 2001
Subject: Robert Pailliotet (Pyute)

Robert Pailliotet was my Uncle.
I've been in the Army for 19 years.
I'm proud as hell of the fact that my Grandfather was a "Doughboy" & that my Uncle served in WW2!
Right now I am the First Sergeant for HHC 1-63 Armor Bn.
I had the opportunity to meet Uncle Robert once.
Unfortunately it was when he was on his death bed (He died of cancer).
I have copies of some of his military records & I treasure them!
I would be great full if you could give me some details on how & why he received a Battlefield Commission & any other bits of information you might have on him!
Thanks for the help,
Sincerely yours,
"Hurricane 7"
1SG Thomas C. Pailliotet
HHC 1-63 AR BN
Vilseck, Germany
DSN 476-2418

From: JLandEE@aol.com 
Date: Sat 1 Sep 2001
Subject: Ted Katsanes

I just wanted to notify the members of the 94th Infantry Division about the passing away of Ted Katsanes on July 28, 1996. He was a cousin of mine and lived his entire life in San Francisco. I believe he was a corporal in the infantry and saw action in the town of Wuppertal and he also did some work at the Flossenburg concentration camp after the war ended when it was used as a German POW camp. During the occupation, he was based at Strakonice, Czechoslovakia until the Soviets began their occupation after the war ended. 

During WW2, my family had the distinction of having soldiers on both the Allied and Axis sides. My grandfather, Franz Aholinger, served in the German army and was killed in action at the Battle of Stalingrad in November of 1942. An uncle, Albert Landstorfer, served in the German army and had his basic training in the same town that my cousin Ted was stationed in after the war ended. That's quite a coincidence. They used to tease each other about who captured whom. : ) Yet, after listening to both of them tell their stories about what they went through during the war, I can tell you that 
unless you were actually there, no amount of storytelling can let you know just how horrible war really is. 

Sincerely and Respectfully, 
John Landstorfer. 


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