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May 2002
From: Raymond J. Plitt click to email me
Date: Wed, 29 May 2002
Subject: Raymond J. Plitt

My Nameis PFC Raymond J. Plitt And I Was In The 94 inf. You Can Leave Me An e-mail at any time. I would like to hear from anyone out there. 

                              Thank You 

From: "John" click to email me
Subject: John Pruett
Date: Wed, 29 May 2002

Would like to know if anyone knew my dad, he was with the 94th, Hq. Co. 3bn, 302nd Infantry during WW11. He was captured with others of his unit during the battle of The Bulge and held several months by the germans.If anyone out there knew him , or had any pictures I would like to see them. My dads name is John Pruett and passed away DEC. 9 2000. Thank you 

From: K Koon click to email me
Date: Wed, 29 May 2002
Subject: 794th ordnance light maintenance company 

My grandfather, Robert Koons, just received the Jubilee medal this Memorial Day.  I am his grandson and interested in learning more about what his company did during the war.  He never talked about his experiences with even his sons and now he has the onset of Alzheimer's.  I'm not even sure if I'm in the right division for his company.  If you have any info on this matter, please click to email me

Date: Tue, 28 May 2002 
Subject: history of the 94th 
From: Rich Miller  click to email me

  Dear Sir,
 I am gathering information on Army division shoulder patch histories. I have not been able to locate any history of the 94th or its patch. If you could would you pleases e-mail me or show me where to go to get a history on the division. I would also like a history on the shoulder patch. How it came to be, what it means, the colors, and the date activated.
 Your help in this matter would be appreciated. Thank you.

                             Rich Miller

From: "Jane Schoellhorn"  click to email me
Subject: Captain Bert O. Johnston 
Date: Sat, 25 May 2002 

I am Bertís daughter.  Does anyone have any stories about my (late) father?? 
Jane Schoellhorn

From: Debra Rodgers Reeves  click to email me
Date: Sat, 25 May 2002
Subject: Leslie E. Rodgers

My name is Debbie Reeves and I was looking through some old photo's of my father, who passed away from lung cancer in 1989, and I ran across a photo with the name Massey on it. I know my father served with the 94th in 1945. I have a photo in Krumlov, Czech. 2nd. bn, 301st Infantry. His name was Leslie E. Rodgers. I don't know his rank at that time but went on to Korea and exited the Reg. Army and National Guard (Thunderbirds) as M/Sgt. I am desperately seeking people who may have served with him or who can put me in touch with anyone who served with him. Any information you can give me would be highly appreciated. He had 3 bronze stars from his service in Korea. 
One tour with Reg. Army and 2nd. tour with the National Gaurd of Okla. and Ark. (Thunderbird Unit) 
Thank you
daughter of a vet. 
Debra Rodgers Reeves 

From: Reed A. Schmell  click to email me
Date: Sat, 25 May 2002
Subject: Company C 301st Infantry, Nick Gallegos 

I am searching for any info that may be provided regarding my deceased father in law, Nick (Nicanor) S. Gallegos. He was a Private in C Company of the 301st Infantry. His MOS was 405 Clerk Typist. He recieved 2 Bronze Stars (date unknown to us), the CIB on 1 March 1945. His highest grade held was Tec 5. His Army Serial No. is 38 585 019. He was from Lemitar, New Mexico. He was also awarded the Army of Occupation Ribbon (Germany), the GCM and 2 Overseas Service Bars. 

He never mentioned that he had recieved the Bronze Stars, only that he and a new guy had a bazooka and were led forward by a Lt. that told them to stay down, that an 88 was firing up a head and that they would get killed. Nick and the new guy did as the Lt. ordered, the Lt. went forward to scout and was immediately killed by the 88. This is all that was related to me while Nick was hospitalized with a mild stroke. Unfortunately, the next day , Nick suffered a severe stroke that effected his speech and made him an invalid, and was never able to discuss any more of his wartime experiences. He passed away 18 months later, never having recovered. 

I am familiar through readings of the extensive combat that took place in the Ardennes and the areas of the brutal fighting that the 94th did in order to overthrow Nazi Germany. Judging from his medical records, his tetanus shots 23 Nov 45, he might have participated in the Battle of The Bulge or was a replacement shortly after. I imagine this is how he went from being a clerk typist to becoming an infantryman and recieving the CIB. He was discharged on 8 July 1946 at Fort Sam Houston. 
If you could provide any info regarding Nick and the battles that the 301st participated in during this time, his daughter and I would greatly appreciate it. I as one have the deepest respect for WWII vets and the sacrifices that they did in order to secure freedom for us all. Thank you. 

Reed A. Schmell 

From: "ubaselorient"  click to email me
Subject: Company K 
Date: Thu, 23 May 2002

Hi ,my name is thierry NICOLO ( fromLorient area).I think you have read the book of Leon Standifer "Not in vain".We can find informations concerning the attack of the 2/10/44 in "cap kerdudal"near ste Marguerite and Tr?oual.Have you informations concerning Richards Franks killed during this attack?
Sincerely yours

From: Cathy Lambeth
Subject: 1st lieutenant Joseph Fincher Cody
Date: Fri, 24 May 2002 

Would like info. about my father's being wounded and separated from his unit in France, helped by French family in Alsace, First Lieutenant Joseph Fincher Cody.  Would like any information on medical or medal records.  Also, he saved 3 young soldiers, carrying them one at a time back to their  fox hole; they had become frozen with fear and he rescued them.  Would like to know name or names of any of the soldiers.  Daddy died Sept. 7, 1981.  I and his grandsons are interested in knowing more for family history.  Catherine Cody Lambeth, click to email me

Date: Mon, 20 May 2002 
From: Paul Luckritz  click to email me
Subject: Information on Sgt. Luckritz "Lucky" 

To Whom It May Concern,
I am writing in regards of Glenn Luckritz.  I am his grandson.  For some reason my computer will not let me post info on your message board so I am asking if you could help.  My grandfather passed away May 9, and we have been looking through his things.  He always spoke about the war with us, and even wrote a small book about his time with the 94th.  However, he never spoke about himself.  After his death we have found out that he was awarded 4 bronze stars.  He never mentioned
these to us or even his one and only son.  If anyone has any information about my grandfather and anything that he did while fighting with you please let me know.  I would also like to say thank you to all who this reaches.  My grandfather; for whom I have the highest regard, spoke about the 94th with nothing but respect and I know that he was in great company after meeting a few of his friends and hearing stories about so many others.  So if you do have the chance please let me know whatever you might remember about him. 
Thank you and blessings, 
Paul H. Luckritz

From: "Keegan, James K"  click to email me
Subject: Son looking to the past 
Date: Mon, 20 May 2002

My name is Jim Keegan and my father was James J. Keegan, who served in the 94th Division (302d inf, Co E). I was interested in finding out about my fathers experience in the war, unfortunatley all the information I have is his discharge paper.  My father never talked about the war, he would only say he had continual nightmares that never went away.  Both he and my mother have passed on now, so I don't have anyone to ask about what he went through.  I was hoping that you could
point me in the right direction to find out more about his and those in his Companies contribution to he war effort.

Information from the discharge paper:

1) Battles - Norther France  Ardennes and Rhineland Campaigns 
2) Citations - EAME Theatre Ribbon with 3 Bronze Battle Stars, American Theatre Ribbon, Good Conduct Medal, Victory Medal (What is EAME? What is a Theatre Ribbon?  What is the Battle Stars awarded for? Victory Medal?  Did all soldiers recieve these decorations?)
3) Miltary Occupational Specialty - Squad Leader 653 (How many men would be in a squad? What is 653 mean?)
4) Military Qualification - Expert and Combat Infantryman (Does Expert mean rifle marksman?)
5) Highest Grade - S SGT (Is this staff seargant? What are they responsible for?
6) Service outside continental U.S. and Return - Departure (Aug 6, 1944), Arrival (Aug 11, 1944) Destination (ETO) (What is ETO?) (Is this   5 days time off?) Departure (Not available), Arrival (May 5, 1945), Destination (USA)
7) Reason and Authority for Separation: AR 615-361 Certificate of Disability for Discharge (Lapel Button Issued)
(How can I find out what AR 615 361 means?)

Lastly - papers say no wounds in action.  My father had a finger missing and a large scare - about 5 inch circle on his side, that I assumed was from the war.  I thought he spent time in a hospital in Europe and I know he was discharged from a hospital in Martinsburg West Virginia.  Any Idea on how to find out about these wounds?
I would appreciate any direction you can provide.  God Bless.

From: "Phil-Baltzer"  click to email me
Subject: Phil Baltzer
Date: Fri, 17 May 2002 

I am looking for buddies I had in the 302nd Antitank Company during WW II.

Phil Baltzer

Date: Mon, 13 May 2002
From: "Marvin Bowen" 
Subject: Wayne Metcalf 

Hello, I'm Wayne's son in law, Marvin Bowen .He past away on April 21, 2002 after fighting a long battle with alz. When he could he talked about his experiences in the 94th division. Is their any one who remembers him and could tell of some of their experience together. what unit was he in?        Thank you,  click to email me

From: "JIM AND ROBIN DAVIS"  click to email me
Subject: Doyle Davis 
Date: Mon, 13 May 2002

My name is Jim Davis.  My father, Doyle Melvin Davis
served with the 94th, 2nd Battalion, 303rd Infantry Regiment, from about Dec. 1944 through the end of the war.  He recieved a bronze star for bravery for some action.  He was also a Special Police guard at the Nuremburg Trials. 
My father died in April, 1995. If anyone out there knew or served with him, please contact me.  I would appreciate it.
Thank you,
Jim Davis

From: "Michael E. Johnson"  click to email me
Subject: Stanley Slishansky 
Date: Sat, 11 May 2002 

My brother was killed in world warII. His name was Stanley Slishansky do you have information on him please let me know.
thank you 

Date: Fri, 10 May 2002 
From: Jlcooper  click to email me
Subject: Information on my father-Howard Cooper 

My father was killed in February of 1945, shortly before my birth.
He was with the 94 Division.
The family has little information on his history in the military or the events surrounding his death. Is there any way I can find out more through this or other websites? 
Thank you.

Jim Cooper


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