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January 2003
From: "Barnes Thomas" click here to email me
Subject: Ralph Jones Jr.
Date: Thu, 30 Jan 2003

If anyone knows anything about my grandfather Ralph Jones Jr.
Please email me back.

Date: Sun, 26 Jan 2003
From: Jeff McAllister  click here to email me
Subject: Lee F. McAllister

I am looking for information on my Uncle,  PFC  Lee F. McAllister  of the 302nd.
He was killed on Feb. 3rd. 1945.
He was trained at Camp Phillips and Camp McCain and left for England in Aug. '44.
Any information is greatly appreciated.

Jeff McAllister

From: Tony Unrein click here to email me
Date: Wed, 22 Jan 2003
Subject: Fwd: March 17th 1945 in Eisen

Dear Harry (and I hope I am remembering your first name correctly):

Yesterday I received an e-mail from Harry Helms, Sec. Treas. of the 94th Inf. Div. Assn. He stated that he had given my e-mail address to a Bernd Babisch.  Without really knowing who this person might be, I told Harry it was OK.

Today I received a mail from this gentleman in Germany. I am attaching his letter to me  for your viewing and thoughts as to what you wish to have done about it. If it will help you, he also sent me in his letter, the homepage of the organizations for which he is seeking information. I have not gone to this homepage at this time, but I will tomorrow.

I would like to clarify as to my remembering this gentleman. I have returned to Germany on nine different occasions, two of them with tours that were taken by members of the 94th. The seven taken with my wife or family members were for the purpose of walking the grounds from England through my last days as a POW in Nuremberg, Germany and also to seek relatives on my Mother's side that hailed from the Black Forest Region. 

I met many German people during my different stays and I am doing my best to remember this man. To date I have not been able to place him or the fact, as he states in his letter, that I was brought to the jail in Wadern. I really don't remember being there, especially a jail, or in Eisen 15 miles away. I have saved most items that I have acquired in my treks to Europe and will search those for the picture he says that he sent to me, as well as study the map as to the exact location of the two towns he mentioned by name.

I would like for you to read his letter and understand its purpose. I would like for you to advise me as to whether I have your permission for Herr Babisch to contact you and the 94th homepage for which you are responsible for maintainingg, in hopes that he might find someone out there who really might have information for him. I was with the 301st Infantry and my contacts with the 376th were non-existent during my service time and only since attending Council meetings and reunions for the past 28 years have I made contact with men from that Regiment.

Thank you for your attention. I will await your response.

Tony Unrein 

On Tue, 21 Jan 2003 94th Inf Div Association Secretary wrote:

GruBen - Tony Unrein is alive and well. 

Harry Helms
94th Inf Div Assoc. Sect.

Lieber Herr Unrein,
I hope, you do remember me. You did help me in the 1980th as god as you could to find some US soldier, which did occupy our village Eisen in the afternoon of March 1945. I did send you also a picture of the loop of the river Saar near Orscholz, where you became a war prisoner.

But first exuse my bad English. I learnd it in my schooltime nearly 50 years ago and did not use it, until I did find the relatives of my wife Lisa in Boise/Idaoe. A brother and a sister of her grandfather did emigrate before 1900 and in 1903 to USA. We did visit them 4 years ago and I did notice, that they did understand, what I want to say in
my rest english from my schooltime.

So I trie also today to write in this for me strange language

The research about "my" soldier is not finished also today. There is now only one chance to find out his name, aswell we all do think, we do know his name. But we do miss the last proof as the specialist from the WAST in Berlin (the former ofice of the US Army "German Office") did say to me. 

So I want to ask you, again to help me, because you are the only one in the association of the 94th Inf.Div. I do know.

To make it a little easyer for me, I do send you the mail, I did send also to Mr. Helms today. I think so you can understand my ask for help.

I want to tell you also:
In summer 2001, after we had opend the grave second time, to get a trial for a DNA analysis, we could bury him together with the people of the village and the lutheran and the catholic  vicar. In 1945 it was not allowed to make a official burial. Also the posible sister of him was comming from Uersfeld, near the town Mayen, cloth to the moth of the river Mosel. He was only roundabout 100 kilometres away from his home. Most certainly, this was the reson, that he did not hold up his hands. He thoughd, he had a chance to to desert and could go secretly home!

But now the text of the e-mail to Mr. Helms (also a german family name!):


Danke, Herr Helms  for your answer.

I will write also today to Mr. Unrein. I hope he does remember me, because I did send him in the 1980th a picture of the loop of the river SAAR at Orscholz, where he became a war prisoner. I would show him, that Germany is much nicer than in the days of March 1945 was for him. He was brought in the jail of the city Wadern and so he was only 15 kilometres away from that place (Eisen) I did stay that time.

I'll also aske him:

Who is responsibility for the homepage of your association, because I want to ask this person to make a link on my homepage. On this homepage I do have the ask to all former german soldiers aswell to all former soldiers of the 2d Battalion of the 376th Inf.Reg. of the 94 US-Inf.Div. which did take over our little village Eisen on March 17th 1945.


Under this adress people can find the by my son Matthias in englisch translated version.

The reason is: I'm researching for the pictures, which some US-Soldiers did take from "my" killed german soldier. He was killed in Eisen on March 17th 1945 in the afternoon because he did not hold up his hands. He did run away. I did see 2 or 3 days after the March 17th some US-Solders with cameras, which did take this pictures. They did turn the body, because he was fallen on his face. They did take also a photo from his frontside.

This photos are the last chance for me, to find out his name, because our attamp two years ago to get a DNA from him to make a comparison with the DNA of his posible sister did fail. The decay of the bones was too much in the meantime. I know he got a shot into his nape left under his steel helmet, which was going out in the right eye or little over this eye. So his face is most probably contort. But I hope the professor of the university of Saarbruecken can help to make a comparsion with pictures I have from the probable german soldier. (The best picture I have on my
hompage. One of this both became a prisoner and the other one is the killed german soldier, I think)

I think this US soldiers, which did take the pictures, where no soldier tourists. I think this where soldier of a DOKUTRUPP (documentary  group), as we say to such police officials here in Germany (I was nearly 40 years a police official.)  So I hope there is a archive in USA, where I can find this pictures.

And if I do find on this way the US-Soldier, who was standing with his rifle at the farmhouse of my grandfather and did stroke over my hair, after the other US-Soldier did find us in the Westwallbunker, in which we where hiden, I would enjoy this very much to say Hallo to him.

Mit freundlichen Gruessen Bernd Babisch

From: Murray Fein click here to email me
Date: Wed, 15 Jan 2003
Subject: Ken Evert

looking to contact KEN EVERT or family who i believe live in BUFFALO,NY
KEN a very good friend `     .. WE  were in the 493rd. MP ESCORT CO during the 2nd WW. lost track of him when I was transferred into the 94TH. INFANTRY DIVISION IN THE SPRING OF 1945.   PLEASE CONTACT ME EITHER BY E-MAIL OR BY MY ADRESS (139 BROOK FARM ROAD IN BEDFORD N.Y. TEL# 914 234 7280...


Date: Tue, 14 Jan 2003
From: Lenny Mariano
Subject: my brother Frank Mariano

I'm looking for information on my brother, his name was Frank Mariano he was a pvt. with the 94inf. 302nd Co. L 

I am trying to find out how he got wound on Feb.20 1944 and died March 5

I found this picture in a book, History of the 94th inf. there is a possibillty the fellow with the arrow over his head coul'd be my brother.   If you know any one who might have any information about him please click here to email me

Thank you Leonar Mariano
See below photo

From: "Robert Brizzolara" click here to email me
Subject: picture
Date: Sat, 11 Jan 2003
   Attached is a picture that appeared in our hometown newspaper in February 1945. My parents thought that they recognize me in the picture and asked the local paper for a copy. Of course I was not in the picture but they kept all information that they could find about the doings of the 94th. I served in C Co. 302 from July of 1944 until September 1945 when I was unceremoniously sent to a Military Police Battalion in Bad Tolz Ger. which was at the time 3rd army headquarters. I do not know what outfit the fellows were in and I thought that maybe someone would recognize the picture and comment on it.

    I recently got in touch with a former squad member from the 3rd platoon he is Roy Fournier and he put me in contact with Bill Foley and we had a long chat about Lampaden.



c rations
Click photo to enlarge
I do hope to get to Boston for the dedication of the mural. 

Best wishes to all veterans of the 94th
Bob Brizzolara 

Date: Thu,  9 Jan 2003
From: "James Albano"  click here to email me
Subject:Ed Blair Jr

I am looking for any information about Ed Blair JR. from Pound, Viginia. My grandfather served with the 94th Division in WWII. He passed away in 1997.

 I have a picture of him in his uniform with the 94th patch.  He did not speak much about WWII prior to his death except he was a machine gunner in Germany. He did say that he joined his unit after D-Day. I would like to know his unit or at least regiment.  Looks like he was awarded three campaign ribbons for his actions.  Any information or a point in the right direction would be appreciated.  Thank You
CPT James R. Albano

Date: Thu, 9 Jan 2003
From: Cpl. Mark J. Maynerich click here to email me
Subject: Sgt. John E. Maynerich

To whom it may concern:

I am trying to search for information about my grandfather's first cousin who served with the 94th Div. during World War II.  His name is Sgt. John E. Maynerich and he was killed on January 28, 1945 during the Battle of the Bulge.  I know when he was killed and my family is aware of where he is buried in Luxembourg.  I guess what I would like to know if possible is where exactly he was killed at on January 28, 1945.  His service record was believed to be lost in a fire in 1973 where his records were believed to be kept.  Any help you could possibly give me on this would be much appreciated.

Cpl. Mark J. Maynerich
USMC 1995 - 1999
(grandson of SSgt. Frank Maynerich Sr. (1st cousin to John)
US ARMY 42nd Div. 1942 -1946)

From: "Kathryn Ovington" click here to email me
Subject: William Thomas Ovington
Date: Wed, 8 Jan 2003

I am writing you today in hopes that you knew my father, William Thomas Ovington.  He was enlisted and served in 94th Infantry Division, K Company, 376th Regiment and settled near Weirton, WV after returning from the war.  He (and his wife Audrey) passed away in 1984 in Silver Spring, MD, when I was 14 years old - I am the second youngest of his eight children.

I am looking to reconnect with men who would have known him during the war.  I have childhood recollections of some of his wartime relics (combat photos, a German soldier’s helmet, SS ceremonial dagger, service patches and medals).  I have been unable to find much information about his military service.

While piecing together family tree fragments, I stumbled upon a cigarette lighter that my dad had engraved with his name, regiment insignia and the countries he had toured while in the army.  Anything you might be able to provide would be helpful

Hoping you can help me connect, 

Matthew R. Ovington

From: "Cathy Duhon"  click here to email me
Subject: pilsen, germany  July 4th, 1945
Date: Tue, 7 Jan 2003 

Was anyone there with my father, Vernon Wells Love, I believe he was the communications/radio person.  I also believe he either drove or rode with the person in charge of that division at that time. I do not know much except  I have a picture that was taken then that came out I believe in  VFW magazine. He had it in his possession and told me about it before he passed away.  any info is greatly appreciated.
thank you,  cathy duhon

From: "Christopher Ford"  click here to email me
Subject: seeking info
Date: Thu, 2 Jan 2003

I was wondering if there were any records kept for the 94th as far as what platoons/squads soldiers were assigned.  If so were could I look??  I have a deceased uncle that was a squad leader in C/302nd.  I am also looking for information regarding specific combat history, my uncle was wounded 2 Feb 1945, and I am curious to find out where C co. may have been during that time.  I just finished a book about the 94th titled "Hard Ground" written (in the early 50's) by a soldier named Corbo.  It gives me a little insight into what the 94th went through,  but is not too specific.  Could you recommend any further readings?
Any information would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks, Chris Ford


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