AT-Anti-Tank CAN-Cannon ENG-Engineers FA-Field Artillery HQ-Headquarters
MED-Medical QM-Supply RCN-Recon SER-Service SIG-Communications

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Name Location Unit Date of Passing
Amalfitano, Michael J. Ridley Park, PA   Feb 22, 2002
Aman, Daniel W.  Quincy, IL L/302 Feb 28, 2002
Amann, Ray W. Park Ridge, IL A/319 ENG Mar 2009
Amann, Walter J. Valley City, ND   Aug 2, 2005
Amato, Agostino Roseland, NJ K/301  
Amato James J.  Sewickley PA M/376 May 1, 1999
Ames, Glenn A. Bourbon, IN G/376 May 20, 2002
Ames, Harry M. Chamois, MO A 919 FA  
Ames, Willard E. Charleston, IN CAN 302 May 2, 1984
Amick, Philip B. St. Petersburg, FL K/376 May 28, 2005
Ammons, Charles E. Claysville, PA CAN 302  
Anderson, Albert D. Ridley Park, PA HQ302  
Anderson, Alexander R. St. Louis, MO L/301 Jun 29, 1973
Anderson, Andrew J. Roselle, IL 919 FA Aug 10, 1965
Anderson, Carl A. Loman, MN A794 ORD  
Anderson, Frankie A. Butte, NE    
Anderson, Gilbert L Lower Burrell, PA D/301 Jul 26, 1982
Anderson, Guild F. Lebanon, OH B/301 May 31/1990
Anderson, Harley E. Lake City, MN E/302 Mar 15, 2009
Anderson, Howard Cheyenne, WY K/376 Mar 1/2001
Anderson, James W. Jr Bessemer, AL D/376  
Anderson, John D. Cheyenne, WY E/302 Mar 2001
Anderson, Jimmy Carrollton, TX I/301  
Anderson, John D. Cheyenne, WY F/302 Mar 1/2001
Anderson, L. B. Corryton, TN   May 2, 2008
Anderson, Robert A. Wakefield, MI L/301  
Anderson, Richard E.   94 QM Jul 6, 1979
Anderson, Willard Rock Island, IL 390 FA Oct 31/2009
Anderson, William Columbus, OH A 319 ENG Nov 23, 2007
Anderson, William H. Hawkinsville, GA K/376 Jan 25, 1997
Anderson, William H. Jenison, MI K/376 Apr 1984
Anderton, William P. Columbus, OH A/319 ENG Nov 23, 1967
Andres, Paul J. Floyds Knobs, IN D/301 May 7, 2013
Andrews, Agnew Duluth, GA B/301 Mar 11, 1997
Andrews, Julian B. Coopersburg, PA HQ/319 MED Aug 4, 2005
Andrews, Lewie M. Panama City, FL K/301 Mar 1, 1990
Andrews, Miles S. Essex, MA HQ 376  
Andrzejewski, Constantine "Anders" Belleville, MI A/302   Jul 12, 1992
Annear, Thomas V. Libertyville, IL HQ/94 DIV Dec 16, 1993
Annin, Charles J. Tekonsha, MI B/376 Oct 1/1994
Annis, Alan R. Spokane, WA 94th SIG Jan 30, 2013
Ansinger, Edward J. Stephens City, VA SER/376 Oct 10, 2006
Anslover, John R. Salina, KS E/301 Jun 29, 1970
Anspach, Ronald W. Woodside, NY B/319 ENG Nov 4, 1975
Anspaugh, Richard Eson, OH SERV 390 FA Mar 5, 1983
Anthes, Charles W. Windham, CT K/301 Aug 7, 2011
Anthony, Lee E. Port Rickey, AL HQ/301 FA  
Anthony, Richard P. King of Prussia, PA D/301  
Anthony, Samuel Jr. Sykesville, MD A/301 Jul 20, 2008
Anton, Elmer L. Arnold, MO   Apr 5, 2006
Antonio, Orlando SGT Kansas City, MO F/376 Feb 14, 2014
Applegate, Jennings N. Richmond, NY M/301  
Applegate, Woodrow R. Eatontown, NJ Sig. Co. Aug 26, 1999
Apt, Donald G. Elizabeth, ME 301 FA  
Aquino, Sam J. Lake Hurst, NJ AT/301 Oct 2000
Arce, Martin Claremont, CA 302 1995
Archer, Carl W. Claysville, PA C/301 FA  
Archer, Norman Odon, IL I/301 Jul 30, 2006
Archibald, Earl S. Jr. Annandale, VA HQ/319 ENG Aug 17, 1994
Archibald, Norman L. Harrisburg, PA L/376 Jan 28, 1997
Archinal, Marion E. Dover, OH M/302 Mar 15, 2017
Arenaz, Pablo (Paul) Las Vegas, NV 376 May 2, 1970
Argenzio, Charles E. Richmond, VA HQ 94 Div Jan 1/2006
Armbruster, Kenneth H. Imperial, MO D/376 Mar 16, 1995
Armour, William M. Welch, WV A/302 Jan 1975
Arms, Floyd Greenville, SC A/376 Jul 2003
Armstrong, Clark D. Kenton, OH HQ/302 Apr 20, 1967
Armstrong, George Jr. McDonald, PA A/302 Aug 13, 1984
Armstrong, Glenn B. Whittier, CO HQ390FA Jun 30, 1977
Armstrong, Haska Lee Portsmouth, OH A/302 Jan 3, 2002
Armstrong, Lawrence E. New York, NY B 390 FA  
Armstrong, Thomas Hopkinsville, KY C/301 Mar 7, 2007
Armstrong, William A. Flint, MI HQ 94 Jan 15, 1986
Arnett, John G. Greenville, OH K/376 Oct 5, 1962
Arnett, Robert E. Mayfield, KY I/301 Dec 1/1994
Arno, Robert A. Oneida, NY AT302 Sep 26, 1981
Arno, Richard E. Canastota, NY   Aug 11, 1982
Aronoff, Joseph Colonial Beach, VA M/301  
Arnold, Arthur D. Arlington, NJ HQ/2/301  
Arnold, Delbert N. Portland, IN L/301 1992
Arnold, Garfield McDonough, GA D/302 Dec 8, 2003
Arnold, Raymond W. Corning, AR AT 301 Nov 14, 1973
Arone, John B. East Boston, MA 94 RCN Apr 14, 2008
Aronson, Hillard J. Springfield, MA   Nov 15, 2001
Aronson, Sylvan B. Garden Grove, CA I/301 Jan 8, 2006
Aroyo, Gabriel Fort Lauderdale, FL M/302 Aug 29, 2006
Arpey, Joseph C. Saratoga Springs, NY HQ 94th Army Sep 30, 1982
Arrangio, Harry Westmont, NJ 94A RTY Dec 12, 1990
Arrighi, Mario "Mike" Richmond, VA K/301 Nov 12, 2013
Arty, Stephen Philadelphia, PA L/376 May 31/1973
Artz, James L. Lindenhurst, NY    
Aschauer, Herman Warrenville, Ill H/302 Feb 21/1993
Aschermann, Donald M. Rocky Ford, CO A 301 FA Jun 7, 1984
Ash, Russell Canton, OH 319 ENG  
Ashbaugh, Ted Sunbury, OH A/356 FA Jan 17, 2008
Ashen-Brenner, Sid St. Louis, MO 356 FA Sep 13, 1998
Ashenmacher, Werner   94 QM 1947
Asley, Dennis J. South Carolina I/302  
Asmussen, John Albuquerque, NM Med/302 Oct 25, 1999
Astley, William J. Pickerington, OH F/302 Sep 20, 1995
Atkins, Grover C. Madisonville, TN H/302 Apr 9, 2007
Atkins, Scivon M. New Market, TN    
Atwater, Leslie L. Burlington, IN H/376  
Aubert, L. Fall River, MA    
Aubin, Henry F. Ausable Forks, NY C 319 ENG  
Auer, Lyle E. Mondovi, WI   Sep 15, 1978
Ausem, Walter, J. Euclid, OH C/319MED  
Autry, Stacy Stedman, NC D/301 Jun 17, 1985
Avaritt, Cecil S. Goodlettsville, TN Ser/301/FA Sep 4, 1993
Avery, Chester A. Dryden, MI HQ 94  
Avery, Leroy Taylor, MO SV302  
Avon, Alfred W. New Philadelphia, OH H/302 1993
Ayers, Gerald Centralia, MO H/302 Apr 9, 2007
Ayers, C. V. Green Mountain, SC    
Ayers, Leroy J. Ridgeway, WI B 356 FA Jan 9, 1991
Ayers, Oathemer W.   G/376  
Ayers, Robert B. Orlando, FL G/376 Feb 19, 1995
AT-Anti-Tank CAN-Cannon ENG-Engineers FA-Field Artillery HQ-Headquarters
MED-Medical QM-Supply RCN-Recon SER-Service SIG-Communications