94th Infantry Division Historical Society and Relatives Recent Passings
Name Related to Location Date of Passing
Mallard, Margaret Warren Mallard, Inman E. LTC Metter, GA 12 Sep 2009
Malony, James L. Maloney, MG Harry Tinton Falls, NJ 31 Mar 2014
Maul, Edmund Nephew of Edward Filush CAN/301 Pleasantville, NY 08 Apr 2021
Martin, Esther 'Earline' Martin, Frances Duane Coon Rapids, MN 04 May 2019
May, Evelyn Coleman May, Willie B/319 ENG Elkhorn City, KY 03 Dec 2015
McConnell, Mary McConnell, James P. B/319 MED Woodside, NY 09 Nov 2018
McNamara, Mary Genevieve (Vader) McNamara, Maj. Joseph H Des Plaines, IL 19 Mar 2018
Mele, Jeanette Mele, Morris M/301 Brewster, NY 09 Jun 2019
Milroy, Joyce Ann wife of John Milroy L/376 Alpena, MI 19 Apr 2021
Moreland, Jeanne S. widow of Theodore R. Moreland 302 CAN Co Glen Burnie, MD 03 Jul 2021
Mulrey, Mae wife of Donald Mulrey F/301 Walden, NJ 13 Dec 2015
John Clyburn, Secretary

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