94th Infantry Division Historical Society and Relatives Recent Passings
Name Related to Location Date of Passing
Scott, Margaret Wife of James H Scott E/302 Charlotte, NC Jan 2022
Schwartz, Elizabeth Wife of Millard Schwartz A/919 FA Berne, IN 01 Mar 2014
Smith, Dorine E. Wife of SSGT Donald T. Smith M/302 Hillsboro, OR 26 Sep 2021
Smith, Janet M. Wife of Smith, 1LT Thomas W. E/301 Falls Church, VA 30 Nov 2022
Smrt, Ursula M. Wife of Smrt, 1SGT Joseph B. B/319 ENG Knox, IN ?? Feb 2020
Stinson, Nora Wife of Thomas Leon Stinson C/302 New Braunfels, TX 12 May 2021
Soule, Shirley Wife of SSGT Herbert Soule E/301 West Springfield, MA 01 Oct 2021
John Clyburn, Secretary

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