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(Senate - October 07, 1994)
Section of Record: Senate

[Page: S14925]

Mr. WARNER. Mr. President, I rise today to honor a group of distinguished Americans, the men of the 94th American Infantry Division who served during World War II. These men demonstrated their devotion to the infallible principle of democracy and made the supreme sacrifice for freedom.

I call attention to these men and their families because today, in Paris, France, they are participating in the relighting ceremony of the Eternal Flame at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier at the Arch de Triomphe. This great honor is only the beginning of an anniversary tour that marks the great victories of the 94th Infantry Division, and culminates in the dedication ceremony of the `Peace Monument' on October 16.

On October 16, a memorial will be dedicated to recognize the heroic men who broke through the heavily defended German line at Siegfried almost 50 years ago today. This memorial is aptly named the `Peace Monument,' and it will be dedicated at Potsdamer Platz on the former Siegfried Line near Nennig, Germany.

This memorial has special significance. The original monument was established in 1945, and it was one of the first memorials built after V-J Day. The idea to construct a permanent memorial was jointly conceived by World War II veterans of both nations, namely the 94th Infantry Division and Germany's 11th Panzer Division.

The `Peace Memorial' is constructed on land generously donated by the Federated Republic of Germany. The focal point of the monument will be two bronze tablets inscribed with a message written in English and German from former President George Bush. The design and setting are truly worthy of the name `Park of Peace.'

The sole purpose of this shrine is to demonstrate the goodwill of both Germany and the United States of America in its hopes of lasting peace.

I would like to note that this memorial is the only World War II monument of its kind which the United States of America constructed on a historic battlefield on former enemy soil. In the words of those responsible for this monument, `it is the only monument/memorial of its kind on the entire planet, on a former battlefield, dedicated to peace between former enemies who have been at war twice this century, twice in a single generation.'

Accordingly, I would like this body to hereby recognize that this commemoration should be remembered and cherished. Henceforth, the monument should be regarded as an emblem of peace the world so desires, and for which World War II was fought for so honorably.

Signed by Senator John Warner
Senator: Virginia