94th infantry division world war 2 war dead memorial
302nd Infantry Regiment
H - K

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Name Serial 
Grade Arm or Service Date Type 
Hadley, James Allen   PFC INF Co B Mar 2 1945 KIA
Haggard Paul R 34194842 TEC4 INF Mar 6 1945 KIA
Hall Herman S 34576571 PFC MD   KIA
Halo George R 31435869 PVT INF   KIA
Halter Robert W 15377632 SGT INF   KIA
Hamann Franklin B 36627489 S SG INF   DOW
Haniford Vernon E 35572466 PFC INF   KIA
Hanley William F 34499610 PFC INF   DOW
Hansen Harold 36027388 TEC4 INF   KIA
Harle Howard D 42001943 PFC INF   KIA
Harley Glenn W  0-558102 2 LT INF   KIA
Hartung Robert A 36626870 SGT INF   KIA
Hartzog Trammell G 42099040 PVT INF   KIA
Havlicek Emil 36301140 T SG INF   KIA
Haydu Joseph J 33081351 PFC INF   KIA
Hebard Harry E 19080561 TEC5 MD   KIA
Heidtman Donald A 35536699 SGT INF   KIA
Heinen Donald J 36284711 PFC INF   KIA
Helton Robert L 33218463 PFC INF   KIA
Herbert Charles E 35594283 PVT INF   KIA
Hibbs Kenneth E 39119006 PFC INF   KIA
Higdon Thomas T 35698289 PFC INF   KIA
Hodges Kelly 35689869 S SG INF   KIA
Hodges Paul S 34796457 PFC INF   KIA
Hoffman Frank C 37362833 PVT INF   KIA
Hollenbeck Lyle L 37748209 PVT INF   DOW
Hostetter George M J 33663491 PFC INF   KIA
Houghtaling Donald C 32666233 PFC MD   KIA

Hubbard Arlie

34392919 PFC INF Feb 19, 1945 KIA
Hurt Lester M 37395976 PVT INF   KIA
Icenhour Garvey A 44016233 PVT INF   KIA
Immel Ralph H E 33876817 PVT INF   KIA
Impostato Frank J 32658429 PFC INF   KIA
Isaac Gene C 42278823 PVT INF   KIA
James Charles H 32945073 PFC INF   KIA
Jason Robert J 31435855 PVT INF   KIA
Johnson Johnie F 37380574 PFC INF   KIA
Jones James L 38199937 PFC MD   FOD
Jones Neil D 44017016 PVT INF   KIA
Jones Olin A 35209371 TEC5 MD   KIA
Jordan Woodrew J 44010842 PVT INF   KIA
Kangeter Johnnie M 34832828 PFC INF   KIA
Karnish Albert R 36031235 SGT INF   KIA
Kayser Gerhard W 36881892 PVT INF   KIA
Keeton Hall E 35811390 PVT INF   DOW
Keller Emil 42178473 PVT INF   DOW
Kelley Peter R 01289916 1 LT INF   KIA
Kelly Alden V 32521605 SGT INF   KIA
King Douglas C 35689889 PFC INF   KIA
Kinsey Charles H 34825064 PVT INF   KIA
Knab Elmer S 20275240 TEC4 INF   DOW
Kohl Dallas L 35536186 PFC INF Jan 29, 1945 KIA
Kolb Robert H 16156531 PFC INF   KIA
Kowalski Stanley C J 33709647 PFC INF   KIA
Kramer Jack 42038488 PFC INF   KIA
Kress Mrvin l 35617693 T SG INF   KIA
Kump William P 35838923 PVT INF   KIA
John Clyburn, Secretary

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