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Digging up Artifacts in the 94th Area of Operation in Europe
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Looking for info's about the 301st Inf Reg near Lorient pocket France
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SSgt William Henry Armstrong
Charles McWhorter Roberts
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2010 - 94th Inf Div Battlefield Tour
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General Harry Maloney letter to the division
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Nazi podium flag with 376th signatures
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Date: Wed, 7 Dec 2011
Subject: Lt. Tom Flynn
From: Jeff Flynn <jeffrey.t.flynn@gmail.com>

Just curious if anyone knows any information to share about Lt. Tom Flynn who received a battlefield commission and was wounded in Brittany as a member of the 376th Infantry, and I know he spent some time in Nice, France at a field hospital for his wounds.

Curious Grandson,
Jeff Flynn

Answer from Harry Helms Secretary of the 94th Infantry Divison Association

Jeff - I have a Thomas E. Flynn in my files from A company 376th Inf Regt. who at one time livedin Chery Hill, NJ. Could this be your grandfather? In the 94th Div. History, there is a Edwin R. Flynn from A/376 who was wounded shortly after crossing the Saar River in Feb. 1945. I'm not sure if this is the same person and the names got mixed up or are they two different Flynns.
Harry Helms
94th Assoc. Sect.

From: Phil Georgas
Subject: PFC John Georgas 31412802
Date: Mon, 5 Dec 2011

94th infantry division 376th

Doing some history on my Dad who passéd earlier this year.

He was PFC john Georgas 31412802 ..anything you can send on history of the 376th or point me in the direction of my dad's whereabouts?

I know he came over with 20k men on the QE ship to England before being sent over to Europe

Let me know


Philip J Georgas Gartner
Strategic Accounts Office: 203-316-6664
Mobile: 203-257-7452 phil.georgas@gartner.com

From: "Mishek, Mark" <MMishek@Hazelden.org>
Subject: Contact Vets from C/301
Date: Mon, 5 Dec 2011

Good morning.  My family uncovered a stack of letters that my Dad wrote home during his tour of duty with the 301st Regiment of the 94th division.  My Dad absolutely refused to talk about the war while he was alive.  He died young from heart disease in 1978, so we thought his WW II experiences went to the grave with him.  However, these letters, over 100 in all, bring him to life again during his 19th and 20th years of life, as a infantryman in company C of the 301st. 
Thanks for the great website.  I have now read all the memoirs on the website, the "official" history of the 94th by Laurence Byrnes, Patton's Pawns, Patton's Ghost Corps, Visions from a Foxhole, Unsung Valor, An Eighteen Year Old Replacement Soldier in Patton's Army.

As I put this all together and write it up, any other advice or suggestions on sources?  Is it possible to contact any vets from Company C?  Does any kind of list still exist?  Any help you can offer would be appreciated.  Thanks.
Mark G. Mishek

From: airadt rechle <a_rechle@hotmail.com>
Subject: Looking for info's about the 301st Inf Reg near Lorient pocket France
Date: Mon, 5 Dec 2011


I own a mil Jeep Ford GPW DOD 6th March 44
Some parts are marked with the famous large X of Infantry!!
In the Coll of John W Ryan Jr there is a Photo of jeep which seems to myne with Reg # 20512462-S

I'm looking for Jeep Photos of 301st Inf Regiment vehicles

I didn't find info's on the Bumpers marking of vehicles for these Regt

I believe that Bumpers are painted in White n was colors stripes over painted ??

Thank you for help

Regards from France


From: Roy Gadd
Date: Thu, 1 Dec 2011
Subject: Commemorative Books

To whom it may concern:

I had a 94th commemorative book that had a story about my uncle in it. My uncle's name was James Roy Gadd. I under stand that particular book is out of print and none will be reprinted. I know it is a long shot but maybe someone has an extra copy they would like to sell. E-mail me at Roy955@aol.com if you do.

Thanks to all of you for your service.

Roy Gadd

From: "Maryann Garbooshian" <mgarbooshian@twcny.rr.com>
Subject: Louis R. Garbooshia 1st Sergeant for Company A, 302
Date: Wed, 23 Nov 2011

To Whom it May Concern,
My father, Louis R. Garbooshian, served as 1st Sergeant for Company A, 302 Reg, 94th Infantry Division. I do have a company photo taken at Camp McCain, Mississippi, 1944. He indicated that he was wounded near Metz, France. Taps for my father was 13 january 2009. Does anyone have more information regarding his time in the Army. I did follow in his foot steps by enlisting in the Army 1969 and retired in 1994 as Major.

Thank you for any information and God Bless all who served.

Dickran S. Garbooshian, Maj. Retired

Subject: John L. Wade
Date: Tue, 15 Nov 2011
From: "Wade, Chris" <Chris.Wade@rfsuny.org>


My Dad was a member of the 94th infantry, John L. Wade. I believe he was a member from 1943-1946 or thereabouts. He died in 2005. Is there anything you can tell me about his? Can I locate his name on your website?

Thank you very much

Chris Wade

Date: Fri, 11 Nov 2011
From: Brittney Gibson <bgibson1986@yahoo.com>
Subject: Veldon Tharp Clem


My name is Brittney McCormick and I am the granddaughter of Veldon Tharp Clem! He was born May 16th, 1922 and served in WWII his service number is 37244934, he was a Seargeant HQ Co 2nd BN 376th INF 94th DW. He has told me many stories, but I was wondering if you had any other information on my grandfather, he passed away November 15, 2007and I am wanting to put something together for my mother for Christmas! We were once told that he was to receive the purple heart but he never did!

This is some information that he has told us maybe you could help with the rest:

veldon ClemVeldon T. Clem
Veldon T. Clem, is a World War II vetaran that never received his Purple Heart. Veldon's Army Service Number was 37244934 and he was a Sergeant HQ Co 2nd BN 376th INF 94th Div. He has received all his metals bar the Purple Heart and has been told there are no records available.

I was wondering if anyone could be of help in finding the records that would show where he was wounded.
Veldon was in Germany when he was wounded. He thought the name of the town was Burg but didn't remember for sure. It is also assumed it was in 1943 or 1944, possibly winter as Veldon remember's it being cold.
From the time he was wounded until he woke up in the hospital in Wales, he doesn't remember anything or how he got there.

As a little background, Veldon was born and still lives in Harris, Missouri.

Veldon remembers the details of a few of the men he was with (apologies if spellings incorrect):

Captain Whitman - Company Commander
Colonel Martin - Regiment Leader (from Georgia)
Major Brittiman
Lieutenant Kelly (in charge of the motor pool)
Lieutenant Star (English nurse - who also helped Veldon get some photographs developed)

The ship he went over on was the Queen Elizabeth but they did not have an escort.

From: "Robert Moore" <rlmoore@ix.netcom.com>
Subject: Charles McWhorter Roberts
Date: Tue, 8 Nov 2011

To whom it may concern,
I am trying to find information regarding my father's service in WWII.  I have his Ike jacket on which is sewn the patch of the 94th infantry Division.  He also has the "Ruptured Chicken" patch over the right breast pocket and has three combat hash marks on the left sleeve above the cuff.  This all looks like he was with the 94th from the start to the finish so I'm hoping you have access to some records that may mention his name.  His name, unit and service number were written inside the jacket but are badly faded.  Here is what I have
Name - Charles McWhorter Roberts
Home town - Collinsville, Dekalb county Alabama
Date of birth - 20 August  1925
Rank on jacket - T-4
Unit - Badly faded but looks like Hq. Co 3?2  The first digit is clear, the second digit is not legible and the last digit is just my best guess.  I'm not sure that it is a 2.  My son thinks it is 302 which fits but it is only a guess.
Service Number - Badly faded but my best guess is 34816599 - first two digits are no mistake - third digit could be a 3 but I'm fairly certain it is an 8 - fourth digit is faded but I'm fairly certain is a 1 - fifth digit is faded and could be a 0 but appears to be a 6 - sixth digit there is no mistake definitely a 5 - last two digits are badly faded and are best guess, there is also a bit more space between the last two digits and I'm not sure if this was just sloppy penmanship or if there is a missing digit.
I know this isn't a lot of information to work with but it is all that I have. Any information would be greatly appreciated!
Best regards,
Robert Moore

From: Bart Moonen <knightometalic@hotmail.com>
Sent: Friday, October 21, 2011 12:27 PM
Subject: Battlefield Dig

Hello everyone,

Here is an update of the work Ivo and I have been doing in recent months. I thought you might be interested

First: I have cleaned and identified one of the helmets that Ivo and I recovered on Hill 468 near Schömerich in July 2010. The helmet belonged to Pvt. Mike Philiposki, he lies buried at Luxembourg American Cemetery. He is listed as DOI (Died Of Injuries) on March 7 1945. His DOI status is probably due to friendly fire or self inflicted injury during combat.

I have contacted family in Pennsylvania and they have send me pictures of Mike before his departure to Europe and were very appreciative of my efforts. Due to the condition of the helmet it will stay in my possession for preservation. The family agreed this was the best thing to do. I visited Mike's grave in Luxembourg on my very recent trip to the Saar-Moselle triangle. Included are pictures of Mike with his sister Agnes and pictures of our visit to the grave.

Our intention is to meet next year when the 94th Infantry Division Reunion will be held in Pittsburgh.

Second: This week, Ivo and I have been doing excavations in the vicinity of Lampaden and the Hocker Hill. Last monday, I recovered an American ID tag belonging to Pvt. John E. Throckmorton from Cook County, Illinois. Searching the wwiimemorial.com registry, I discovered he was KIA on Wednessday, February 28th 1945. John was a soldier of the 301st Infantry Regiment and rests on Lorraine American Cemetery in St. Avold (France). I found his dogtag next to a German foxhole and a mortar crater on a slope east of Hocker Hill, I have included a Google Earth photo which shows the exact location. Of note: John is not listed among the 94th War Deaths list on the 94th website. In am currently searching for relatives, but yet to no avail.

Last wednesday, Ivo and I discovered a bomb crater (from the March 1st bombing of Lampaden) and with help of Florian Lorenz we uncovered several items from the battle, including an American telephone cable roll, a .30cal M1919A6 machine gun, a German gasmask and container and several civilian items. Also, we uncovered the position of a .50cal machinegun in the field north of the bomb crater. This machinegun position and the machine gunner are visible in footage filmed on March 9th 1945 by an American camera crew in Lampaden, showing the old water basin of Lampaden. Pictures and a Google Earth photo of the location is included with this email.

Regards to you all!

Bart Moonen

From: David Hosford <dave.hosford@proforma.com>
Subject: PR. D. E. Morse M G Co. 302 US INF
Date: Fri, 7 Oct 2011

Dear Sir, I know this must be a kin to "taking a shot in the dark" but I will give it a shot any way. In cleaning a home here in Mass. a friend of mine stumbled across a ring that belonged to a member of the 302nd. The inscription reads: PR. D. E. Morse M G Co. 302 US INF USA.

We would REALLY like to return this ring to the person or family of this person. It would be GREAT if you could help us out. Sincerely, David Hosford

Co- Founder, Middle East War Memorial Fund.org

Cell: 508-369-1647

From:Don Frascone
Date: Sat, 17 Sep 2011
Subject: PFC Edward Frascone

hello guys, thanks for serving. i am the son of PFC Edward Frascone. he served with the 94th, 301st, Company E. Anyone with info on this company please contact me. my dad was from Canton, Ohio. he died Sept 1984.

contact info: Don Frascone thor55@aol.com.  please put ww2 in subject space on email so i can tell who message is from.

thanks so much.

Date: Thu, 15 Sep 2011
From: Jaromir Janhuba
Subject: Olan D. Ranck (A/302)


I am looking for any information about Tec4 Olan D. Ranck, service # 33232231, from New Columbia, Pennsylvania.
Olan D. Ranck served with the company A, 302nd Infantry Regiment, 94th Infantry Division.  He was killed in action in Germany on February 4th, 1945.

If you have some info about him, send me please them to my email: j.janhuba@ymail.com

Thank you very much


Jaromir Janhuba

From: "Mary Evert" <evertm@san.rr.com>
Subject: Bernard and Pauline Kuszewski
Date: Thu, 1 Sep 2011

Dear Sir;

Today I read an obituary of Robert Karl Kleege of San Diego who just died in August and he served with my Dad in the 94th.  We lost Dad June 9, 2010 and Mom on March 21, 2011 and have been celebrating their loving and happy Army life since they were married at Camp Phillips, KS on August 6, 1943.  (See wedding photo on the Mt. Soledad Plaque attached.)   Mr. Kleege's passing reminded me that I should write to the 94th Association and join to keep his memory alive.

The beautiful write up in the San Diego Union Tribune today caught my eye and was a fitting thing to read as I prepare with my siblings to bury our folks.  Just before Dad died I had been to Lorient retracing his steps as you all tried to take out the Nazi sub base.  A couple of years ago I went from Utah Beach down to Chateaubriant including visits to many of the memorials from D-Day.  As you know, not much is publicly evident of the 94th Division history, but Dad's old book on the Division was my guide.  He kept the D-Day picture placemat I brought him from Utah Beach at his place and had so many memories come out in our conversations in his later years.  He died three days after I returned from Lorient last year..he seemed very happy that I had retraced so many of his steps.  While we were stationed in Germany in the early 60's he took all of us through the Battle of the Bulge environment.  At that time there were still dragon's teeth and shell riddled buildings standing and it was very hard for him to be there for very long.  I have many of Dad's records and war mementos from his time with the 94th..they may be of interest to your association.

As you can see in the remarks they will be buried in a dual burial with full military honors ceremony at Arlington on September 15 at 1100, and perhaps you know of a 94th representative that would honor us with their presence at the ceremony and the luncheon reception following.  Col. K. and Pauline lost their son Michael in 1996 on active duty in the USMC, so they made the ultimate sacrifice as an Army couple.  We will be at the USMC ceremonial awards dinner the night of the 15th as my brother is having the USMC Marine Intelligence Officer of the Year award established in his name.  Dad lived vicariously through his warrior son and his tragic death ripped a hole in all of our hearts.  So it will be a bittersweet day for us all.  We celebrate Dad's bravery earning two Bronze Stars and the Korean Medal, Mom's service as an Army nurse and the wonderful parents they were for their five children.  They are greatly missed.

I would like to become a member of your association and I would like to contact the Kleege family and give them my condolences.  Looking forward to hearing from you and getting to know the families in and around San Diego.


Mary Kuszewski Evert
memorial plaque

Date: Mon, 1 Aug 2011 17:43:47 -0700 (PDT)
From: "Eric A. Scott" <shruea09@yahoo.com>
Subject: My Grandpa and the 94th during WWII

Greetings to the 94th Infantry,

My name is Eric Scott, I am writing this letter to you in hopes of finding information on how to track my grandpa's steps through WWII. I am sorry to say that although I listend to many stories from my Grandpa, James E. Scott (Neshkoro WI) I was to young to ask some of the important ones before he passed away.

From what I recall, my grandpa was in the 94th division, 301st infantry, I company. He was a staff sargent and got wounded, I think on April 16th, 1945. From what I can remember him telling me is that he entered the European theather on D-Day +18 and rode over on the Queen Mary? (Do I have my facts straight?) I dont know if he was with the 94th for the entire time, or just joined up with him after arriving in France.

At any rate, I have a trip coming up to Belgium and I know he was in the Battle of the Bulge in the 94th. After reading Patton's diary I have a feeling the 94th was on the south end of that battle?

Do you know where I could go to get some details on how to trace his foot steps?

Any help you could give me would be so very much appreciated.

I miss my grandpa very much, and I am so proud that he was part of Patton's army. When I asked if he ever met Patton, he replied, " Once during a black out someone shot the lights out of a jeep who had them turned on, it was rumored it was Patton".

Thank you for your time it is greatly appreciated.

Eric A. Scott
111 Gem Street
East Peoria, IL 61611
(309) 699-0234

Date: Thu, 28 Jul 2011
From: Tommy Conaway
Subject: Elwyn N. (Bud) Conaway

My Dad is Elwyn N. Conaway. He was quite likely known as Bud Conaway to his friends. He was in the 94th, 302nd Regiment. I believe he was a Staff Sergeant.

He landed in Scotland on the Queen Mary in 1944, and immediately went to Luxembourg.

I am just wondering what type of information might be available about his activities in combat, and if there is anyone who might remember him.


Tommy Conaway

Subject: David M Ellis
From: Sadye Hughes
Date: Sun, 17 Jul 2011

My name is Travis Hughes. I fought with D Company 1st Batallion 376 Regiment in Ste Lazare and the Siegfried Line.

I live in The Woodlands TX. I'm looking for information on David M Ellis. If you know I can reach him, please let me know. I can be reached at sadyephughes@gmail.com.

From: "Diamond - Penny/Ray"
Subject: SSgt William Henry Armstrong
Date: Sat, 16 Jul 2011


I am trying to find more information regarding my grandfather, SSgt William Henry Armstrong, he also went by 'Jack'. He was a member of Co F, 376th Inf and was KIA 27 Feb 1945. We have no photos of him and very little info regarding his service and death. Any information would be greatly appreciated. We are hoping to make contact with anyone (or families of anyone) who may have known him. Hopefully there are photographs of him either in old family photos or in his unit records. We aren't having much luck with this. Thank you for your help with this.


Penny Giardinella

Email: giardinella@att.net

PH: (270)836-2667

From: j.janhuba@ymail.com
Sent: 7/13/2011 9:40:15 A.M
Subject: S/Sgt. Joseph Pinchot (G/302)


I am looking for any information about S/Sgt. Joseph Pinchot, service # 35719210, from Terre Haute, Indiana.
Joseph Pinchot served with the company G, 302nd Infantry Regiment, 94th Infantry Division. He was killed in action in Germany on January 28th, 1945.

I am looking for any data about company G, 302nd IR too (maybe any veteran who served with this company knew Joseph).

If you have some info about him or about G/302, send me please them to my email: j.janhuba@ymail.com

Thank you very much


Jaromir Janhuba

From: Allicent Smith
Subject: Sgt. James Major Huffaker
Date: Thu, 23 Jun 2011

In July, my sister and I are leaving for France to retrace our father's footsteps with the 94th. Since his military papers were lost in the St. Louis Veteran's Affairs' fire of 1973, we have little to go on. The information listed on his separation papers is as follows:

Sgt. James Major Huffaker, 94th RCN TRP
Military Occupational Specialty and No.: Reconnaissance NCO 761
Military Qualifications and date: SS W/M 1
Date of Departure: 6 Aug 44 ETO 11 Aug. 44
Departed Europe: 27 Dec 45 ~ Arrived USA 5 Jan. 46
Battles and Campaigns: Northern France, Ardennes, Rhineland, Central Europe

Information from a pay voucher states 11th Company (although this is not for sure), 3rd Student Training Regiment

If anyone can give us any information as to which Company or Division he may have been in, it would be extremely appreciated. As with many returning soldiers, our father spoke little of his time at war~ leaving us with little to go on. We are undertaking this journey out of respect for a great man who, like so many others, sacrificed much for his family and his country.

Our gratitude goes out to all members, living and non-living, who served bravely with the 94th.

Allicent Huffaker Smith

Allicent Smith
Iles Elementary
Working Together to Achieve Outstanding Results

From: "cecelia m johnson" freeb@charter.net
Subject: Stanley Slishansky
Date: Wed, 14 Jun 2011

looking for my brother Stanley Slishansky of how he was killed in action on jan 19 1945. 302 inf. 94 division. World War 2 serial number 0-1289980 thank you i was only 5 when he was killed.

From: Catherine Smart
Subject: Hugh W Belcher
Date: Sun, 12 Jun 2011

I have just returned from my holiday home in France where we visited St James American Cemetery in Brittany.
It was so beautiful and thought provoking. I have a beautiful photograph of a bullfinch sitting on the top the cross on the grave of Hugh W Belcher.

If any descendants of Hugh would like a copy please contact me by emailing me at Catherine_smart717@hotmail.com.


Catherine Smart

Duayne A. Forsberg
6334 Bluestone Ave.
Harrisburg, PA 17112-2349
Phone: (717)545-8614

Hello; veterans, members, families and friends of the 10th Armored Division
tenth armourVeterans Western Chapter & 609th Tank Destroyer Battalion Association

" October 2-13, 2011 WWII Pilgrimage Battlefield Tour "CANCELLED

From: "David Mitchell" <dym@megabytesdigital.com>
Subject: Preserving the History of the 94th Infantry Division
Date: Tue, 17 May 2011

Dear 94th Infantry Division Veterans and Alliance Members,

I wanted to thank you for your efforts regarding the Alliance of the 94th Infantry Division.  I need to be more proactive in this aspect of the group and will strive to improve.  I wanted to make you aware that I had a discussion with Jim Eisenmann about how we can let people know what is going on with the 94th collection at the University of Georgia.  I want to start dialogue on this subject.  Ultimately, what we/I am trying to do is create a repository of this information for the future.  When I say future I am speaking of a 100 years from now.  We are all still caught up in this experience of WWII (and the veterans also) and this is further reinforced by the reunions we have each year.  Yet, at some point all of this will end and only the documentation, artifacts and physical reminisces will be all that remains.  Without properly converging these items into a single place you have a great potential of what we all strive to honor and appreciate being lost.

This is neither a pleasant or enjoyable subject to discuss and I feel compelled to give you more information about myself so you can better understand my position.  When my father passed away I wanted to create something that would allow him to exist in my future efforts.  www.mhmitchell.org  My great-uncle, Major Raiden Winfield Dellinger (HQ 301 MED) was finally old enough - that he was approachable about his service in the 94th and through him I made contact with Robert Uriah Cassel.  This relationship has served to be one of the most important accomplishments of my adult life.  As he (Bob Cassel) grew older his memories and affections of the 94th became more and more paramount, and the desire to preserve them became something of constant conversation between us.  Therefore, in 2007 I began working with the University of Georgia.  The goal was the preservation of the experience of the 94th Infantry Division.  As the images I shared with you at the St. Louis reunion reflect, we have accumulated a great deal of information.  But, we/I want more.  The 94th represents something to each of us that is deep and personal, and we all want to maintain the things that we have passed down to us regarding the 94th.  Yet, without our presence these items may pass into hands with less zeal and affection for them and ultimately scattered into private collections.  I cannot tell anyone what to do with what they have, but I can implore them/you to consider U.G.A. as an option.  It is an issue stewardship. 

Finally, after a deep discussion with Larry Sitney I feel that we have developed a good concept to illustrate how this collection is both growing and developing and encourage others to take interest in it.  In each issue of the ATTCK we will showcase something in the collection.  This will allow all parties to see what the collection is and the type materials it houses.  Unfortunately, it will probably fall to the spouses and the children/heirs to make the final decisions.  But, we must ensure that no other collection in the country compares.  Therefore, we encourage individuals to donate and go to the University of Georgia and immerse themselves in the materials housed there.  Study and experience them in a neutral setting that will allow you to take away a better comprehension of the experience of WWII thought the 94th Infantry Division.

In closing you will see that I have other projects that I am invested in, but rest assured that the 94th is the a daily discussion and topic for me.  I do not let a day pass by without discussing and pursuing the growth of this collection. 

I know that this is a very involved, but wanted to emphasize that this is very personal and very important to me.  I have a 5 year old at home who is depending on me to give him the history of his culture.  If I fail him in this endeavor then he does not suffer alone.  The number of children with no knowledge of this period will know WWII as simply 3 or 4 question on a test. 
As long as I draw breath this will not be the case!

I hope that this helps open the discussion on what I am trying to do, and I look forward to assisting you in your endeavors.


David Yoakley Mitchell

From: Richard Gist <ragist@macnexus.org>
Subject: James Engstrom, Co. B, 302
Date: Tue, 31 May 2011

94th Buddies,
Have you any information about James Engstrom, Co. B, 302d? His home town was Cayahoga Falls, OH. He and Sgt. Anthony Leo were the two who got me back to an aid station after I was badly wounded on 2 March 1945.

Thank you,
Richard P. Gist, Sacramento, CA,
Assn. Life Member

Date: Sat, 28 May 2011
From: Lee Thorsell
Subject: Walter Gerald Thorsell

My father, Walter Gerald Thorsell, was in the 94th Infantry Division during WWII and my brother and I are looking for information about his service. I contacted the Army Records Unit but his records were apparently destroyed in the fire there.

Is there anyone in the Division Association who does these kinds of searches? I have his dates of service and his Serial Number.

My brother and I are both Vietnam Vets and would like to pass family information on to our children. Our father passed away in 1973.

Thank you for any guidance,

Lee Thorsell
Bend, Oregon


Subject: Bart Moonenbart moonen
Date: Mon, 16 May 2011

Bart gave a slide show presentation at the St Louis Reunion, about his Archealogist work in the battle areas that the 94th were in.

Bart is an undergraduate at Saxion HS Ijselland in the Netherlands. He is studying archeology. He lives in an apartment in Deventer, Overijssel, Netherlands. His hometown is Sittard.

Bart became interested in WWII as a boy. His grandparents were liberated by US troops. When he was older he started investigating WWII battle sites. Eventually he found Bill Foley's book, "Visons from a Foxhole", and Tony Le Tissier's book, "Patton's Pawns."

This led him to investigations of the Saarland battlefields where the 94th fought. He contacted Bill Foley. Then last summer, he found Dominic's mess kit and sent it to him. He found out about the 94th Battlefield tour and arranged to meet the tour at the 94th Monument at Sinz.

That is where my son Matthew and I first met Bart. We were on the tour to find out more information about the battlefield and my dad, Donald Habeck, C 301 FA. Bart and his friends stayed with the tour and assisted in many ways. Bart spoke excellent German and English and assisted in translating for us. Bart and his friends were a great source of additional information due to their research and battlefield investigations. He and my son Matthew are about the same age and became fast friends. We kept in contact and Bart expressed interest in attending the reunion in St Louis.

I volunteered to host Bart if he visited. Bart got permission from his parents to go. My wife and I met Bart at O'Hare airport on Saturday, May 7. He stayed with us in Wausau WI until we drove to St Louis on Wednesday, May 11. We dropped him off back in Chicago on Sunday, May 15 for his return flight on our way back to Wausau.

Bryan Habeck

Date: Sat, 14 May 2011
Subject: First Scout Inf Co. Part Of Co.B 376 inf
From: danielle zuber <zuberfamilyor@gmail.com>

I'm trying to find info on the first scout inf co. Part of co. B/376 inf reg 94th div.

And perhaps where they were during feb-nov 1944. Also the co. D/319 med bn 94th div between nov 1944 and sept 1945. My grandfather was in these units. Also do you know where I may be able to find a photo? Even a group.

Thank you so much I really appreciate it.


In early 1940, Kate Smith, a fiercely patriotic American, and the biggest star on radio, was deeply worried about her country.

She asked Irving Berlin if he could give her a song that would reignite the spirit of American patriotism and faith.
He said he had a song that he had written in 1917, but never used it. He said she could have it. She sat at the piano & played it and realized how good it was.

She called Mr. Berlin and told him that she couldn't take this from him for nothing. So, they agreed that any money that would be made off the song would be donated to the Boy Scouts of America. Thanks to Kate Smith and Irving Berlin, the Scouts have received millions of dollars in royalties.

This clip is from the movie You're in the Army Now. You will see a familiar face near the end -- one that we elected twice to the highest office in the land. .

Frank Sinatra said that when Kate Smith, whom he considered the greatest singer of his age, first sang this song on the radio, a million guys got 'dust' in their eyes and had to wipe the tears the 'dust' cost. Sit back and enjoy a Real Star.


From: "Lisa" <labke72@aol.com>
Subject: Otis (Pete) Branham Interview
Date: Tue, 10 May 2011


This is a link to a small interview that was done on my grandfather a few weeks ago by his local TV station. Otis (Pete) Branham is a former POW WWII Germany. His company commander of 301st Company B surrendered at Orsholz in January of 1945, they were held at Stalag 12A then moved to Stalag 11. My grandfather is still living and we thank the Lord above for every second that he is here. Papaw is now 85yrs old and he has a few medical issues, but other than that he is doing well.

you may contact him:

Otis(Pete) and Loyce Branham
16244 FM 839 S.
Henderson Texas 75652

Date: Thu, 5 May 2011
From: alliance-94thinfdiv@att.net
Subject: WW II Veterans Documentary--Please View

Keith Leibovitz's youngest nephew is working on a project for WW II veterans. And enclosed is a trailer. Please view and forward.

They are trying to get 50,000 views before Memorial Day. It is pretty poignant and is one of Seth's projects. Kindly forward so more can view it. You need to view the whole thing to be counted. Only 2min 20 sec long.

Seth has been working on a full-length feature documentary about a program to honor WWII vets and has now released a trailer, and it would really help out if you watched it in full, and spread it around to other folks who would enjoy it. Working on this has been a very emotional experience, because the story is so, so powerful. I think you'll agree.

Click Here to watch: http://media.causes.com/1060527?p_id=175378540

From: David Hoots <dhoots101@hotmail.com>
Subject: General Harry Maloney letter to the division...
Date: Tue, 12 Apr 2011
Dear Mr. Helms,
I hope you are able to help.  When my father, Robert E. Hoots, Co. B 302nd INF 94th DIV, passed away.  Among his personal papers was a handwritten, two-page letter.  It appears to be a letter from Gen. Maloney addressing the 94th Division after the war.  It is dated April 28, 1945. 
I have lots of examples of my father's cursive handwriting and this is clearly not Dad's.  I have included a copy of the letter and I would very much like to hear your opinion.  Perhaps you can put me in touch with someone who may have an example of the general's handwriting.  Any insight will be greatly appreciated!
The letter was clearly from that time, folded, and on the outside was written two things. 
One is in my mother's writing,
"Bob's appraisal"
The other is in my father's writing,
"94th Division
General Maloney
End of War in Germany

My father spoke of the war his entire life and particularly of the Siegfried Line.  He was awarded two bronze medals for his service in Europe and he was buried with military honors in May 2008.
I very much appreciate your time,
Thank you,
David L. Hoots
New Braunfels, TX
From: Joann Schindler <schindlerjoann@gmail.com>
Subject: William F. Wanger (Willie)
Date: Sun, 27 Mar 2011

My dad was a proud american of german descent. He turned 18 in June of 1944 and immediately joined the army missing his high school graduation by a few weeks. He was afraid that it would be over before he had a chance to do right by his country. He was in the 94th infantry but would not talk about what he did until much later in life. I remember he was a cook under Patton and helped with translation as he spoke German. I also remember him saying something about Buchenwald. He has passed on and so is anyone who could tell me more. I would love to put this piece together for my geneology.

Can anyone confirm the 94th involvement in liberating Buchenwald?

From: Scott Cavanaugh
Subject: Nazi podium flag with 376th signatures
Date: Sun, 27 Mar 2011

I have a Nazi podium flag with the following names signed on the front. I believe they may be soldiers of the 376th of the 94th. I have been researching these names for sometime and would like more information on the soldiers. The spelling may be off as time has passed and ink faded. Would like to keep the memories alive. Any and all information will help.

PFC's : Charlie Harkins, Berley Shockley, Park (only name given), Albert Valeti, Lowell Allen, John Foster, Robert White, Harry Faazie, Melvin Byerm, Walter Kropp, Abe Hill, Lester Millwan, Punch (only name given), Tex Bunno, Frank Mark, William Strum, Thomas Morie, Herman Powers, Jasper Nelson

CPL's: Allen Baker, Joe Doon, Pete Rolken
S/SGT's: John Hiney, Russel Doll, Reme Ld Freniere, William Hollinghend
T/SGT's: Jore Banasch, Willial Smith

I may be contacted at wscavanaugh1@gmail.com

From: "Barbara Eckland"
Subject: Russell Darrell Hirsch
Date: Sun, 20 Mar 2011

To Whom It May Cocern:

My name is Barbara Eckland. On February 22, 1945 my brother, Russell Darrell Hirsch, was killed in action when the 94th Division, Infantry 301, was crossing the Saar River. I am wondering if there would possibly be a military or non-military person who was in approximately the same vicinity and at approximately the same time who would be able to communicate with me.

I would appreciate hearing from anyone who has some knowledge to share with me. Please contact me at my email address beckland@earthlink.net.

My home address is
19 South 1st Street,
Apt. B601,
Minneapolis, MN 55401

Thank you so very much.

Barbara Eckland

From: "Sherri Cox"
Subject: Pvt. Charles F. McCartney 302nd Inf
Date: Tue, 15 Mar 2011


I am the neice of Pvt. Charles F. McCartney a member of the 94th 302nd Infantry. He was killed in action March 6, 1945 and is buried in Luxembourg.

I have letters that Charles wrote home during his time there and would be happy to supply copies for any archive you have, if someone would be interested. Since I see that the 94th has reunions, I also wonder if anyone would remember him.

Thank you and I hope to hear from you,

Sherri Cox
Orlando, FL

From: ddwgreen@netvision.net.il
Subject: Looking for information on Milton Greener
Date: Sun, 13 Mar 2011

I am looking for any information on my father, Milton Herbert Greener, who was a PFC in the 376th Regiment, 94th Infantry Division, and passed away in 1985 in Florida.

My father was captured and was a POW for several months as the war was ending. He told us that his squad/platoon had just crossed into Germany and was occupying a pillbox when they found themselves surrounded by Germans. After a short fight, during which my father was injured by shrapnel in his nose and ankle, they decided to surrender. I remember my father telling me long ago that their young lieutenant did not want to surrender, but he was “convinced” it was the best decision by the sergeant and the men! My father also said that he was fortunate that the commander of the POW camp was an old-time German officer and not a nazi. He still believed in the honor of the German Army and saw to it that the prisoners received the same medical treatment and the same food as his men. My father believed that’s what kept him alive. For many years, my father kept a small piece of the ersatz brot, made out of sawdust, which he ate in the camp. My father and the others were liberated when the American Army took over the camp.

It would be a miracle if there were still people out there who actually remember my father, but perhaps I can get information on the incident involving his wounding and capture.

Further details taken from my father's discharge papers:

Regiment: 376th
Serial number: 32 272 911
Inducted: May 11, 1943
Entered active service: June 2, 1943
Departed for England: May 12, 1944
Arrived England: May 24, 1944
Date wounded (which is probably also the date he was captured): February 17, 1945
Departed for U.S.A. (which was probably very shortly after his POW camp was liberated): April 29, 1945
Returned to U.S.: May 1, 1945
Place of discharge: Fort George Meade, Maryland, November 8, 1945

I am attaching two old photos: one is my father holding me on our street in the Bronx probably in the winter or spring of 1944 before he sailed for England. The other is during basic training (in New Orleans?). The group is obviously taking a break from a baseball game (notice the bat in the lower right). My father is in the second row, second from the right, in the dark shirt and hat. guys

I know I should have been requesting this information 30 or more years ago. I'm sorry. Life is sometimes not so orderly and well planned. I thank anyone who can help me in any way. My father has three wonderful grandsons and one great-grandson who will be thankful as well.


Anyone can contact me directly at ddwgreen@netvision.net.il

With my best wishes,
Doug Greener

Duayne A. Forsberg
6334 Bluestone Ave.
Harrisburg, PA 17112-2349
Phone: (717)545-8614

Hello fellow WWII historians - friends and family members,
Related topics: 10th Armored Division, 94th Infantry Division,
Westwall, Saar-Moselle Triangle, Trier Germany

This is an introduction to myself and my research on my uncle, William "Bill" Fudge. My mother's oldest brother, 1st Lt. William N. Fudge was a fatality of the Second World War. In November, 2005 the Penbrook American Legion Post re-planted memorial trees to honor the ten service men from Penbrook that died during WWII, my uncle was on of these men. Penbrook is a borough (town) that is adjacent to the city of Harrisburg Pennsylvania. A newspaper article on that Veterans Day tree planting inspired me to ask questions about my uncle Bill, starting years of research. This is a long email/letter, at the end of this letter of introduction are four additions.

The first is a narrative on Bill's first four days of combat.
The second has details of the M20 armored car Bill was injured in.
The third section is my edited versions of computer translations of two German newspaper articles pertaining to Lt. Fudge.

The fourth addition is a news release for a special June 3, 2010 Memorial Day program. Some of these additions may be email attachments.

My wife Linda and I took a vacation, June 7-23, 2009 to Europe; Belgium, Luxembourg, France and Germany. We did not cover a large area of Europe, all four countries border each other in this region. The two farthest points we traveled were under a five hour drive. This was the first time for both of us to be outside of North America, very exciting. Overall it was a Memorial Tour to retrace the route of march of my uncle during WWII. First Lt. William N. Fudge was in command of 2nd Platoon, Company B, of the 609th Tank Destroyer Battalion when he was killed on April 6, 1945. After researching his war history for years I had to see where he was.

A few weeks before we left I established the names and email address for the mayors of the four towns closet to the village of Klepsau (where Bill's armored car hit an anti-tank mine) asking for historic information. Bugermeister Willi Schmitt from Dorzbach really came through! The additions will let you read the regional German newspaper coverage that tells what happened.

As a lifelong WWII historian we had to visit other war sites not related to uncle Bill. Both Linda and I have other uncles that were part of the Battle of The Bulge, so a visit to Bastogne was needed. Linda's uncle Adler Muller, Co. C, 1st Battalion, 506th Parachute Inf. Reg., 101st Airborne Division was on the left flank of "EASY" Company commanded by Dick Winters from Hershey Pennsylvania. We saw Easy Co. foxholes just has darkness set in at 10:00 pm it made you think of scenes from the Band of Brothers movie and what those men had to deal with. With a little research I found that Linda's uncle Ad must have been within 300 yards of Maj. Winters.

To get history correct, Combat Command B of the 10th Armored Division with Company C of the 609th Tank Destroyer Battalion arrived to defend Bastogne before the screaming eagles.

Another side trip was in France to see The Hackenberg Fortress, part of the French Maginot Line.
The first week of our trip was with our new German friends that were found over the internet researching Bill's history. Sven started as a teenager to learn what took place in the Saar and Moselle river valleys as well as the vineyard and forested covered high hills around his home close to Saarburg. Sven's girlfriend Julia share's Sven's interests with growing enthusiasm.

What made that week so wonderful is, this area is where Bill came to fight with the 10th Armored Division (Bill's) and the 94th Infantry Division. Not only did the US Army have to face river crossing barriers but the extensive prepared defensive positions of concrete and steel that the Germans made for the Westwall. Over 15,000 bunkers and pillboxes protected the western borders of Germany. Only a very few were not destroyed during and after the war. Sven bought a small plot of land a few years ago, and on it is a pillbox on a cliff face intended to protect a Saar River bridge. Over a year was devoted to jack hammer out concrete that the French Army poured into it. This was done because the pillbox could not be destroyed with explosives due to its location above a railroad line. It's a hell of a great place to drink beer and talk "GEEK" the language of history buffs. We were shown foxholes and places that infantry fought and died. We found the remains of war; rifle casings, a rusted lid of a .30 cal ammo box, pieces of shrapnel, live mortar rounds and the foil wrappings from C and K rations. We saw places that before existed only in the words of the many books I read in preparation for the trip. Germany is beautiful, with wine so fine, "goot" beer, great traditional foods and warm people. I took 846 photos and Linda shot about 300 more.

OK, that's enough. If you want to learn more you can by either contacting me with your questions, or wait about five years for my book to be written and printed.

Duayne A. Forsberg

From: "Jo Fransquet" <jo.fransquet@teledisnet.be>
Subject: PFC Yves NOEL KIA 1945
Date: Sun, 6 Mar 2011

I write from Belgium. I am living at NEUPRE, near the Ardennes American Cemetery, and where I have adopted graves of died soldiers of WWII.

In this cemetery, I have see the grave of:
PFC Yves NOEL, Asn 38483702, 302nd Inf Regiment, 94th Inf Division. KIA (?) on Feb 04 1945.

When I go on your site, I can't read his name into the listing of the 94th'died.
The surname and name are very interresting for me. They are typical from Europe (France or Belgium). Do You have informations about him ?

Thank You for what You can doing for me.
Hope to have news.
Sorry for my (terrific) bad english.

Joe M. Fransquet

2010 94th Inf Div Battlefield Tour
October 23 – 29, 2010 saw the group meeting at the hotel at Charles De Gaulle Airport in Paris, France, for a tour of the 1945 battlefields of the Saar-Moselle Triangle with Lt. Col Tony Le Tissier, British Military Historian, and author of “Patton’s Pawns: The 94th Infantry Division at the Siegfried Line”.

The tour was the idea of 94th Alliance member Dan Runde, who after reading the book, contacted Tony Le Tissier, who graciously accepted the challenge, along with Patrick Hinchy of MilSpec Tours.
 The twenty- one in the group included, 94th Veterans: Russell Bryant Hq376, Jerome Fatora C302, Roger “Landslide” Gurney B302, Harry Helms G376 and Eldon Vickers B301. The others in the group had 94th veterans in their history, and were enthusiastic to explore the areas of engagement and conflict. 

Traveling to Luxembourg City for an overnight, we viewed videos of the history of the area.  Monday we entered the area of the 94th initial engagements of the Orscholz Switch, that extension of the Siegfried Line covering the base of the Saar-Moselle Triangle.  Visiting in turn Perl, Tettingen/Butzdorf, Sinz, the 94th unique memorial, Oberleuken, Kampholz Woods, the German Military Cemetery, Nennig and Thorn.  At the stop at the 94th Memorial, US Veterans Friends, from Luxembourg joined us for the memorial wreath presentation.  They also arranged our visit to the Hamm American Military Cemetery in Luxembourg for a wreath presentation, and a tour of the grounds.  Harry Helms provided a list of the 94th Veterans interned there, and all were given American Flags to leave on the graves.

We then went to view the terrain where the 94th broke through and crossed the Saar River to penetrate the Siegfried Line.  The Saar River is now peaceful, with dams controlling the flow.  A far cry from the unchecked, raging torrent encountered in February, 1945.  Veterans Russ Bryant Hq376 and Jerry Fatora C302 told of their agonizing experiences during these crossings. 

Viewing the terrain was awesome! From a German cemetery high on an opposite bluff, we could view the crossing zones.  Across the Saar River valley, we could see the cliffs and Hocker Hill, from which German forces could direct fire from this 700 foot advantage. We traced the 94th attack paths through Ayl, Staadt, Taben-Rodt, then crossed the river, heading up towards Hocker Hill.  Stopping on the cliffs, we viewed the remains of fox-holes and observation posts used by the Germans from this vantage point.

We were joined this day, by Bart Moonen and his friends from Holland.  Bart and crew have been “digging up the history” of the 94th and attached units in this area.  They displayed their findings at a luncheon, held in our honor in Lampaden, , and then accompanied the tour as we visited the site of the Battle for Lampaden Ridge.  Bart showed some areas of interest on Lampaden Ridge to be targeted in their 2011 explorations. Wednesday night, we stayed in Trier, and enjoyed a walking tour hosted by Patrick Hinchy.

Thursday we traveled the Sure River Valley to Diekirch to the National Museum of Military History.  Here we saw the boats and other equipment used by Russ Bryant Hq376, Jerry Fatora C302 and Eldon Vickers B301 during this period.  Of great interest was the display of land mines: “Bouncing Betty”, Sheu (box) mines.  A mortar position display had Roger “Landslide” Guernsey B302, giving a lecture on how things happened.
 We next traveled to Bastogne to view the American Battle of the Bulge, Mardasson Monument and Battle Museum.  Following this visit, we arrived in Brussels, Belgium for our farewell dinner.  Early breakfast in the morning, saw many off for our flights home, or for others, an extended tour.
To the Veterans in the group, “Thank You” for sharing your experiences.  We hope that this returning will help soften the memorizes of your experiences.  To Dan Runde for moving on his desire to “make this tour happen”, our greatest “Thanks”.  To all who participated, “What a great group!”  And lastly to our Guides Tony and Patrick, thanks for making it happen!  God Bless the 94th Infantry Division!

Submitted by:
  John Clyburn, Alliance Sec/Treas, Bedminster, NJ

From: Michael Pierdinock
Subject: Michael Pierdinock, Jr., Master Sgt, 301 Infantry Regiment, 2nd Battalion, Company F
Date: Thu, 24 Feb 2011

My father just turned 86 and has never talked much about WWII. A few years ago he gave me all his photos, metals and paper work from WWII. He was awarded the Bronze Star and NJ Distinguished Service Metal. He has campaign stars for Patton’s 3rd Army Saar Mosellie area in France to Manheim on the Rheine as well as Clarks 15th Army on the Ruhr area Of Germany.

If anyone has any details about what he went through or if there is anyone that served with him it would be great to find out more. He is still running strong at 86.

You can reach me at mpierdinock@lightshipengineering.com

Capt Mike Pierdinock

Date: Fri, 18 Feb 2011
From: Tammie Stammers
Subject: PFC Harold A. DeGrasse

Hello, I'm looking for anyone who may have known my great uncle, Harold DeGrasse, who went MIA on 6 April 1945 and was then declared dead on 3 July 1945, according to the information I just received from the War Dept. records I requested. Harold was my Grandfather's younger brother whom I never knew, and now that my Grampa has passed on, I wanted to find out about him if I can.

All that the War Dept. record states is that Uncle Harold was a Combat Infantryman GO Hq 301st Inf, 1 March 1945, and died in the European area. I've been, "Googling" this information which brought me to this site, so I'm hoping that perhaps someone here may recognize his name.

Thank you for your help, and more importantly, thank you for your service for our Country!

Tammie DeGrasse Stammers - VT

From: Beryl Swisher
Subject: Sqt. Kenneth E. Simons
Date: Thu, 10 Feb 2011

Looking for info on Sqt. Kenneth E. Simons {my brother] His
id. #33-407-361 94th Div.

1. where he was drafted? and date.
2. Where he took basic training?
3. When he shipped out for Europe??
4. Landed in Europe and where?
5. He was in Co. M. 376th inf. div. Bat.??
6. Do know that he was wounded and died 27 Jan. 45 and buried in
7. Which battle he was wounded in???
8. I have the history book of the 94th Div.

My E-Mail is: bsswish@verizon.net [ Beryl Simons Swisher ]

From: "NWSmith" <Nsmith1776@stny.rr.com>
Subject: Robert Richard Warnken, Jr.
Date: Sun, 6 Feb 2011


My dad, Robert Richard Warnken, Jr., was in the 94th, possibly the 376th Regiment (if I am using the term properly).

As I respectfully realize is the case with many veterans, Dad spoke very little about the war, and my brothers, our Mom and I learned not to ask questions beyond what he offered. He passed away in 1994, and my brothers and I are attempting to piece together his service from September 1944 to the war's end in '45. During that time he was wounded and was captured by the Germans in January '45 until his escape in either May or June.

My question to you is, can you possibly point me to a database or an administration that would be helpful in providing an outline of Dad's service for us? We'll be grateful for any assistance you can give us.

Kind thanks,

Nancy (Warnken) Smith
Elmira, NY

From: Rick Scarper <RScarper@vbgov.com>
Date: Sat, 5 Feb 2011
Subject: William J. Scarper

My father, William J. Scarper, 88 years old, served in the 94th. He was in a Cannon Company. To this day, he never speaks of his time at war. He has stated several times that he is not proud of what he had to do to survive. I think if there is anyone out there who would like to speak with my Dad, it may do him good.

Thank you.

Rick Scarper


From:Carol (Anspaugh) Brandt
Date: Fri, 28 Jan 2011
Subject: Captain Richard Ernest Anspaugh

94th Division Field Artillery Veterans:
My father Richard Ernest Anspaugh served in Europe during WW II. He was a Captain in the US Army -94th Division Field Artillery.

My father died in 1983. I would be interested in any books you might have that would be about his division. Our family is researching our family history and would like to include facts about Dad's time in the service. If you do have any books/brochures about the 94th Division Field Artillery, please let me know and also the price for these.

Also if anyone in the 94th remembers Dad; we would appreciate any memories you would have of him. My Dad met Mom while serving in the Army and I am one of 6 of their children. Anything that anyone would remember would be very meaningful to all of us.

Carol (Anspaugh) Brandt

12484 Cty Rd 6   
Edon, Ohio   43518
email:  brandtedon@aol.com

From: Frbl13m@aol.com
Date: Wed, 5 Jan 2011
Subject: H co. 301

Would like to hear from anyone who served in H co. 301 94th Division
 Francis Schofer Sgt.

Date: Mon, 24 Jan 2011
Subject: PVT. Philip M. Reed, D/301
From: Peter Reed <p.sunman@gmail.com>

My name is Peter Reed, I am an army Staff Sergeant.  My Grand Father, Philip Reed served as a machine gunner in D company, 301st Inf.  I would love to hear from anyone that might have known him or might remember anything about him, or any information on this particular unit.  Thank you all so much.

SSG Peter Reed

From: Arlene Pinksston
Subject: Arlie Hubbard
Date: Fri, 21 Jan 2011


My father was in the 94th infantry division. He was killed 2/19/45. He is buried in Luxembourg Military Cemetery. I am planning a trip to Luxembourg May 27 and 28th 2011.

I only found out where he was buried about 10 years ago. I found out by coincidence from a radio talk show out of Orlando Fl. Long story short we called the host who gave us a phone number for the 94th division. I had no idea all this info was on the web.

His name was Arlie Hubbard he was born in Alabama enlisted in Ft McClellan, Al and went from there to Mississippi for boot camp did his training there before going to France/Germany. I would be interested to know if anyone knew my father and could give me any details about his death. I was born March 2 and never knew my father.

If anyone has information I can be contacted by email at ppinkston@earthlink.net.

Arlene Hubbard Pinkston

From: "Stephen Sims" <Sims_S@hcsb.k12.fl.us>
Date: Fri, 14 Jan 2011
Subject: W.T. Pillow

I am trying to find out information about W.T. Pillow. He was a bronze and silver star winner in WWII in the 94th. Looking for info on just what he did to obtain those medals. I am a close friend and he was one of the best influences in my life, a hero.

Wanted to let you know that yesterday I was one of 6 pall bearers at W.T. Pillow's funeral. He won the bronze and silver stars during WWII. What a great man he was. Is there any information on what he did to win those 2 medals? He was a life long friend and hero of mine and I am 57 years old.

Thanks Mark

From: Jim Hanson <jrhansonwwork@me.com>
Subject: Lt. Guerdon A. Hanson, E/376
Date: Tue, 11 Jan 2011

I'm hoping to find anyone that served with my father , Lt.Guerdon A. Hanson, 376 inf., 2nd bat. Co. E during 1944-45. He passed in 1996 and took with him a lot of the answers to questions his children are asking about his time with the 94th. He was very proud of this experience and the men he served with. If anyone has any info about this , I would be very grateful.

Jim Hanson

From: "D Regan" <dorreg1@verizon.net>
Subject: Thomas J Regan 919th FA
Date: Sat, 01 Jan 2011

My father was a T/Sgt in the 919th FA,by the name of Thomas J Regan.
He was commisioned as a 2nd LT. in April,1945, and played football with the 94th team in Europe after the armistice.

I have a small unit history of the 919th that was published in Europe.The title is 919,1942-1945.
"We Fight With Fire"
It has a small listing for those assigned to the 919th, Hq, Able, Baker, Charly, and Sugar.
Anyone knows of this or my father, please send us an e-mail.

Thank you
D Regan


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Harry Helms, Secretary

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