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November 2000
From: Michael Deloria michael.deloria@painewebber.com
Subject: Clifford E. Deloria PFC  KIA 1/23/45
Date: Tue, 28 Nov 2000

My great uncle, Clifford, was killed in action while serving with the 94th 302nd January 23, 1945...Clifford was a very tall, bespecled man who was 37 years old at the time he was killed...I am looking for anyone who may have known him. Also, what would be the most definitive writings regarding the 94th? Are there replicas of uniforms? Where would I find Clifford's medals or awards?
Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Michael Deloria
Plattsburgh, NY

From: splanky@juno.com
Date: Sat, 25 Nov 2000
Subject: Co. C, 376th

Does anyone have information about the following members of Co. C, 376th: Sgt Shirley Clevenger, Pfc Raymond Fournier, Lt. Clovis Youngblood, Sgt. Maddock.

From: "John & Becky Dixon" <jdixon@mail.gcnet.net
Subject: Paul W. Dixon 
Date: Sun, 26 Nov 2000

My father, Paul W. Dixon, served with the 94th Division, 302 Infantry.  He passed away in Sept. 1986 of cancer.  My mother is still alive, but is failing.  If anyone is familiar with or remembers my father or has any information at all, I would love to hear from you.  My mother has a plaque that reads: 3rd Army, 94th Division, 302 Infantry, 1st Battalion(sorry if these are not in the correct order).  Hopefully, this will narrow things down greatly.  I know he served in Europe in 1944 and 1945.  Please email me if you have any information.  Thanks!

Date: Tue, 21 Nov 2000
From: Louis Albert lalbert@sympatico.ca
Subject: Lt. Col. Otto B. Cloudt 

I served in the HQ  3rd Battalion 302nd regiment in 1944 and 1945. I would like to hear from a relative or friend of Col. Cloudt  to bring me up to date on his whereabouts and state of health.

Louis A. Albert 

From: Mundy3@aol.com
Date: Fri, 17 Nov 2000
Subject: Sergeant Charles F. Jones, Jr., Co. D, 301st

I recently ran across this citation for my Uncle Charles F. Jones, Jr.  He was married to my father's sister;

"Sergeant CHARLES F. JONES, Jr., 37617147, Infantry, Company D, 301st Infantry Regiment, United States Army, for gallantry in action in Germany. 
On 16 March 1945 near Otterberg, Germany, the vehicle in which Sergeant JONES was riding encountered an enemy road block and was subjected to intense small arms fire.  Quickly manning the machine gun on the vehicle from his exposed position, he brought devastating fire to bear on the enemy and in the bitter fighting that followed killed fifteen Germans and forced the surrender of forty five more, including a Colonel.  Sergeant JONES' tenacious determination and unflinching devotion to duty are in keeping with the finest tradition of the military service.  Entered the military service from St. Louis, Missouri."

I loved my uncle he was a really great guy, kind and generous and always ready to laugh.  I saw his Silver Star and Purple Heart but never knew what a real hero he had been.  He died June 7, 1977 and a memorial marker stands with his name on it in Jefferson Barracks National Cemetery, St. Louis Co., Missouri

Earl W. Mundy, Jr. 

From: mazm@canoemail.com
Date: Tue, 17 Nov 2099
Subject: James H Magoris, PFC

I am researching my family tree and have recently discovered that there was a James H Magoris (PFC) who served in the 94th Infantry, 301st Infantry Regiment during WWII.  He died in March, 1945 and is buried in Luxembourg.

I would like to find out more information about him and was wondering if they might be available from the 94th Infantry.  If not, do you know where I might find this information?


Marion Magoris

From: "Shawn August" <auggie63@hotmail.com
Subject: Peter August 
Date: Wed, 15 Nov 2000

I know this is probably a shot in the dark but I am Peter August's grandson, Shawn August. My grandfather died many years ago but I was curious if you would have any information on him from the Battle of the Bulge or anything about him at all really. My grandmother informed me that he was a "Litter Bearer" with Walter Bencke and was injuried from a landmine. I do not have much information but I am looking around through books, records, and the Internet. I was hoping possibly you have some information for me or Walter. I would greatly appreciate it.


Shawn August

From: SLHawkins5@cs.com
Date: Sun, 12 Nov 2000
Subject: Charlie David Hawkins Jr

My father was in the 301st medical detachment, can anyone advise me of notes or pictures you may have of that group.  My fathers name is Charlie David Hawkins Jr.  He is from Zebulon NC. 
Thanks to all,
Stephen Hawkins 

From: "Siress" bsiress@hcis.net
Subject: Leo Lindsay Baker
Date: Sun, 12 Nov 2000
Looking for anyone who might have known my grandfather Leo Lindsay Baker, from Frankfort Ky.  He was in the 302 inf. CO. E. He was WIA on January 26, 1945 on the Sinz-Bubingen road.  Here is his picture. 
Date: Sun, 12 Nov 2000
From: Dan Berger dsberger@bellatlantic.net
Subject: Company C 302 Regiment 

    The 302 Regiment site reminds me of the soldiers in our company and wonder how they fared after I was wounded on Jan 22, 1945 near Wochern.
    I received shrapnel in my left hand which has since healed.
    After being evacuated from near Wochern I was taken to Thionville and then Bar-Le-Duc and then to the 111th Hospital in Cheltenham, England. On April 30 I left England on a liberty ship for the US.
    Sent to Camp Butner, N.C. to be trained for action in the Pacific, which was to begin after the 30 day leave all returning soldiers received. Returning to Butner at the end of June plans had changed and all men, able-bodied or otherwise, were being discharged. This was very strange and there was no explanation as to why discharges were being given when as many as 1 million casualties were forecast for an attack against Japan. On the 6th of August when the atom bombing of Hiroshima occurred the reason for these unexplained discharges became clear.
    Discharged on Aug 4 I returned to engineering school from which I had taken a leave of absence when I gave up my deferment in 1943, finally graduating in 1948. I worked in industry for 12 years in communications and then in medical electronics.  I entered academic life in1960 and retired as an Assistant Professor in 1985 from Temple University.
    I have 2 sons who are married and have children of their own. I live with my wife in Philadelphia.
    I think of Sgt. John Dillon of Chicago and wonder how he fared after the terrible wound to his arm from the same shell that got me.
    How are Dean Walters of Harrisburg; Paul Sylvester of Biddeford, Maine and later of Washington, D.C.;Wally Stuart, S. Sgt Kelly, .Sgt. Eisner; Sgt Forst, Sgt. Carr and the many more whose names elude me after so many years.
      I would be happy to hear from anyone who was in Company C or knows of soldiers who were in that company.
            Sincerely, Pvt. Daniel Berger

From: "mklingenberger" mklingen@neo.rr.com
Subject: Joseph V. Madigan 

My father, Joseph V. Madigan, was injured in Germany on January 19, 1945.  Am looking for any information regarding location in Germany. 

Please forward any information.  Thank you.

Sue Madigan

From: KcFossitt
Subject: Presidential Unit Citation 

Can anyone help me in obtaining the above for Co.L 301st Regt.
Thank you,
Ken Fossitt
51 Paul Lane
Alexandria, Ky. 41001
email: wrentree@worldnet.att.net 

Date: Fri, 03 Nov 2000
From: "S & K T." ntat306@webjammer.net
Subject: information on the 302nd regiment 

My wife's grandfather is named Frederick Baldwin.  He was a member of the 94th division, 302nd regiment.  When I discovered he was a veteran, I asked my wife if she thought he would mind me asking a few questions.

I was happy to hear that she thought he wouldn't.  He told me what div. he was in.  He also said he was in the 302nd regiment, company L, 3rd battalion.  If anyone from this same division has any of their history they would like to share please E-mail me.  I would love to call you and hear about your helping to defend democracy and freedom for all of us.  I am sure Mr. Baldwin would be appreciative to know that I came into contact with some of his fellow division mates.  Thank you very much and
God Bless you all. 
Sincerely, Stephen Tackett 


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