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October 2001
From: mirwald962@aol.com
Date: Mon, 29 Oct 2001
Subject: Rudy Mirwald

My father is Rudolph Mirwald.  He was a Staff Sgt. in the 302th. and served
in WWII from 44-45.  He was from the town of Dayton, New York.  He now lives with me in Rochester, N.Y., is doing quite well and is now 85 years old.  We would be very pleased to contact anyone who he might have served with in the war.

From: Gbuster084@aol.com 
Date: Sat, 27 Oct 2001
Subject: 465 AAA

I would like this message to be posted on your board.
My grandfather was in the 465 AAA and he died before I got to ask him about the war.  I would like to know some information about the Christmas of '44.  I would like to know how the soldiers spend the holiday.  I know that the Bulge was going on and celebrating the holiday was hard, but I am still trying.  Did anybody make their own trees, had mass, sing carols, etc?  I would deeply appreciate any help.  Thanks a lot

From: Shefffield@aol.com
Date: Fri, 26 Oct 2001
Subject: My father was in the 94th

Perhaps you could help me out. My father, Frank Praino, was in the 94th Division. He arrived in Europe in Feb. or March of 1945. At the end of the war he was stationed in Pilsen, Czechoslovakia.

Any info you have would be greatly appreciated.

Bob Praino

From: "John Rusnak" <jrusnak@new.rr.com>
Subject: Private Mike Philiposki
Date: Mon, 20 Aug 2001

Recently my grandmother came across the purple heart sent to her family when her brother(Pvt. Mike Philiposki #33258437) was killed during WWII.  Mike was in the 302nd Infantry regiment, but that is all my grandmother knows.  She never received a cause of death nor a location of his death.  All she knows is that he died on March 7th, 1945.

Mike is listed on your panel, and cause of death is "DOI".  Can you tell me what "DOI" means and how I might be able to find information as to how and where he died?  How can I find out which company Mike served in and what his position was in his Company?  Any information would be helpful.

I did contact the 94th Infantry Division Association, but they couldn't give me any additional information.



Date: Sat, 20 Oct 2001
From: Mark Ryan <mryan@infi.net>
Subject: John W Ryan Jr.301st Inf

To the great men of the 94th:
My father, John W. Ryan Jr. (or Jack as he was known)  served in the 301st Inf. as a Reconnaissance Officer.  I am not sure which platoon, I believe he was in L Comp or One Comp, I think he was in the second squad. (large photo attached) From photographs and records he brought home I know he had been a Anti Tank Comp. Platoon Leader, and I believe received a battle field commission to 1st Lt. in March of 1945. I have a number of photographs taken in Serrig, Schillingen, Saarlautern and Solingen among others. He spoke of the Siegfried line and the Ruher Pocket. He had been at Camp McCain in June of 1944 with a number of men who show up in photos taken later in France, Germany, and Czechoslovakia.
Some of these men are:
L. Kruer from Indiana, F. Sirrizgalli from N.Y., H. Straub and Ed Hartman who he spoke of as a brother. A damaged photo has company officers of: Krohn, Prior, Zingg, Flynn and Ryan.

His separation record says he served overseas for 17 months, two overseas bars. My father was a very private person and rarely spoke of the war to his children. He passed away over 15 years ago and I would like to speak or contact anyone who may have served with him.
Any help or information will be deeply appreciated.


Mark Ryan
710 Kingsbridge Rd.
Columbia SC 29210
e-mail: mryan@infi.net
Evening    (can call collect) 803-772-9664
Days : 803-779-4011

Date: Sat, 20 Oct 2001
From: RKT <village1@mediaone.net>
Subject: friends of Russel Armstrong

A friend, Russel Armstrong, from New England, was in 376 infantry regiment 1st battalion company A.  if anybody knew him, please respond to this email. He will see it. He has not been in touch with anyone since the war.

From: Gerald Moore <Gerald.Moore@mail.spartanburg2.k12.sc.us>
Subject: 301st Infantry
Date: Mon, 22 Oct 2001
Organization: Spartanburg School District 2

We are looking for information on 301st Infantry of the 94th Division.  One of our graduates, PFC Odo Glenn Graham was KIA on 27 January 1945.  We are planning a ceremony to honor PFC Graham and the other 13 men who were killed in WWII, Korea, and Vietnam from our high school as part of our 100th anniversary celebration.  We have very little information on PFC Graham because he no longer has any living relatives.  Any help that you could give would be greatly appeciated.

Gerald Moore, Principal
Boiling Springs High School

From: "Fossitt, Chris" <chrisf@communitypress.com>
Subject: Uniform details
Date: Fri, 19 Oct 2001

Hello, I am researching details of the 94th Div. for a future painting.  In the attached photo, my uncle and his friend are wearing what appears to be the helmet liner only with the 94th logo painted on.  Did all of your liners have these markings?  Directly below the 94th logo there's something that looks like it might be crossed infantry rifles.  Is this right?

What was the standard uniform for fighting during the crossing of the Saar time period?  Did most of you have the heavy OD jacket, or trench coats? Did any or all of you have the 94th patch sewn on the overcoat?  Did most steel pot helmets have the mesh net?  Does anyone have any photos of the soldiers taken during Jan., Feb. or March 1945?  Were the boots black?  What gear
was worn during an assault?

Lastly, are there any vets who was at the crossing of the Saar from company L, 301st (or a company that was in the same vicinity) who's willing to tell me his story?

Thank you very much for any help you can give.

Chris Fossitt
18288 Hwy 10 N
California, KY 41007
(859) 448-9099

From: "Figuli, Edward
Subject: PFC Frank J. Wentzel, 376th INF
Date: Thu, 18 Oct 2001

My great uncle, PFC Frank J. Wentzel, served with the 376th Infantry Regiment.  He died of wounds on March 29, 1945.  He was awarded the Bronze Star and Purple Heart.  If anyone knew him or has any documentation showing what unit he was attached to with the 376th I would greatly appreciate hearing from you.  He entered service from Bethlehem, PA.  My father and I visited his grave in Luxembourg earlier this year and we would like to find out more about his service to his country.  Right now all we have is a brief history of the 376th from the Cemetery.  My email is fig@ptd.net or you can
call or write to the address listed below.


Ed Figuli, JR
7271 Adams Street
New Tripoli, PA  18066

From: DHowe72955@aol.com 
Date: Wed, 17 Oct 2001
Subject: 94th picture......
I went through a box full of stuff from my parents home which was just given up by my oldest sister-in-law. In the stuff was a picture sent home by my brother, Berton G. Howe. Bert had been a Sgt. in the Army Air Corps at Foster Field, Victoria, TX in 1942. He gave up his stripes to take part in ASTP at U of MS. They soon needed bodies in Europe, so they took all of them and put them through infantry training at Camp McCain, MS and shipped them to England. From there to France, eventually ending up in Czechoslovakia. I found a picture he sent home. I will attach the picture in the hope that some of the guys might see themselves or friends. Bert is on the extreme right of the group, standing, without hat. Thanks, God bless.
Dan Howe
From: CJDiCianna@aol.com 
Date: Tue, 16 Oct 2001
Subject: Pete Alsko, 302nd INF

I'm hoping to find anyone who remembers Pete Alsko of Scenery Hill, PA. Based on photographs he was with the 94th Div, trained at Ft Phillips, KS and was likely part of the 302nd INF (He is photographed on a jeep indicated to be from the 302nd.)  Pete is deceased but his Grand-daughter is interested in his story.

From: Ed101040@aol.com 
Date: Tue, 16 Oct 2001
Subject: Wentzel

My mother's cousin, Frank Wentzel,  was a soldier in the 376 Inf Reg and died of wounds on 3/29/45. I had the opportunity to visit his grave site in Luxemburg on two occasions since 1997. I remember "Uncle" Frank as a smiling, happy-go-lucky kind of guy eventhough I was only three years old when I last saw him.  I'd appreciate any information anyone has about him. His family didn't talk much about him and now have all passed on themselves.

Thank you.

Ed Figuli

Date: Sat, 13 Oct 2001
From: "Michael B. De Zearn
Subject: Information about 356th FA, Bty B - Burton J. DeZearn

My father, Burton J. DeZearn (Burt) was a Tech 2, in the 94th Inf. Div, 356th FA, Bty B communications section as a wire layer and driver for Forward Observers.  My mother has a number of pictures my dad brought back, but he did not identify where any of them were taken.  If anyone out there has information about Bty B, please contact me at:

mdezearn@erols.com or call (410) 436-3658.

Michael B. DeZearn

From: "Lackey" <dlackey@stny.rr.com>
Subject: Joseph Comfort
Date: Thu, 11 Oct 2001

Hi. My name is Dawn Lackey. Joseph Comfort was my grandpa and in the 94th infintry. He  passed away on May 29th 2001. I have been trying to find his name somewhere on this website, can you help me? I know his wife Vivian Comfort sent in a letter stating that he has passed away but I can not find it. Any info would be appreciated. Thank you

From: "mike jones" <cockybundoo@hotmail.com>
Subject: Sled Dog Ambulances
Date: Sat, 06 Oct 2001

 I don't know if you can help me or whether you are able to post a request on your board, but I am interested in any information regarding the use of Sled Dogs to transport wounded soldiers from the front line. I am lead to believe from an account that I have read, that a unit from the Arctic Search and Rescue Unit assisted with the '94th Hospital Unit' at or near the Battle of the Bulge in Jan/Feb 1945. They apparently managed to collect wounded soldiers and transport them away from the front line. At this hospital unit there were German POWs who assisted as orderlies. I would be grateful to hear from anyone who can recall them being used and I would love to know if any photographs exist.
  I would be grateful for any assistance, Mike Jones

From: "Luci Stoddard" <luci.stoddard@verizon.net>
Subject: 94th Division Homepage
Date: Tue, 18 Sep 2001

I just found this web site today, and as I am trying to do some research into my father-in-law's time in Europe with the 94th, this site was most welcome.  I am now reading the personal searches, and I hope you won't mind a suggestion.

Since it seems there are so many different battalions within the 94th, it would certainly be easier to locate someone who was exactly in his artillery battalion if they were organized that way.

Thank you, however, for this informative web site.

Luci Stoddard
Daughter-in-law of Joseph Stoddard, 356 Field Artillery


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