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September 1999

Date: Tue, 21 September 1999
Subject: Company L Association

Dear Sirs,
  Does the above still exist? I have a Membership and Dues Card dated 1961.
Inscription states: COMPANY L ASSOCIATION 301st Inf. 94th  Div.

The Sec'y Treas. was Daniel P. Buckley

At bottom of card reads: Annual Reunion - New York State
***My father was in Co.L 301st Inf.  94th Div.
  Just wondering?

Thank you,
Ken Fossitt wrentree <wrentree@worldnet.att.net>

Date:  Fri, 17 September 1999
Subject:  PFC Clifford E. Deloria

I am amazed and touched that I somehow stumbled on to the 94th site....My great-uncle, PFC Clifford E. Deloria was KIA on January 23, 1945. I was hoping that someone could help me to find more info on his unit and their mission,etc...along with my aunt, I am beginning to learn a lot about the 94th ....My great-uncle was 37 years old at the time... but his sister-in-law (my grandmother) is very interested to see if perhaps someone might even remember him...We thank you very much and look forward to any helpful information. 
Michael W. Deloria, Plattsburgh, NY  michael.deloria@painewebber.com

Date:  Wed, 16 September 1999
Subject: Charles J. Kenzig

I found your site when trying to research an often told story throughout our family by my mother and to see how much of it was real.
My Father Charles J. Kenzig was an infantryman in the 94th battalion. I do not know which section he was assigned. I know that he did go overseas and that every person but him in his immediate platoon were killed save for him.

He died of cancer some 15 years ago so this is the little I know.  I still have his Dress Green Army Jacket with the 94th patch on it and my sister has all the pins and overseas medal.  This is the only way I know of what division he was in.

So here is his story from the battle. I do not know the name of the town or exact dates.

My fathers battalion was on patrol and it was bitterly cold, they entered a small town late at night that was deserted...they went into the church to warm up but there were bodies lined up against the walls and the stench was too much for them to bear so they left and made camp in a field behind it.

When they awoke in the morning they had found that they also had been camped in and sleeping on a field of bodies.  As they were breaking camp they were surprised by a crack German Guard and were hearded together in a group. I was told that the germans began gunning down the entire battalion where they stood. My father was in the middle and got hit in the legs and fell to the ground and bodies fell on top of him. He played possum and the germans took him for dead.  After they were gone he crawled through the snow and at some point was able to get back to an american battalion though I do not know the specifics. I do know that he is the only one who survived and did see the schrapnel scars on his legs when he was alive.

He never got a purple heart or anything and he never talked about it openly.

But I suspect the story has some truth. I know he was in the battle of the
bulge and did fight under Patton but that is it.

I guess my question is, does this sound like any of the stories that have
been told and happened?

Is there anyway I can tell from the uniform what division he was in?
Any pointers you could give would be greatly appreciated.

Jim Kenzig
My address and phone is as follows
3841 West 140th St.
Cleveland, Ohio 44111-4965
216-671-1428  jimkenz@concentric.net

Date: Thu, 16 September 1999
Subject:  2000 Reunion

We have found so much information on the website and have discovered another side the man we call Dad.  In fact, my brother's and I would like to send our Dad to his first 94th Division Reunion in June 2000.  My Dad's name is Reynaldo Rodriguez who served in Company K, 376th Infantry Regiment of the 94th Division. 

* Can you please provide information concerning packages for airfare and hotel for the reunion? 
* Is there a travel agency that is recommended? 
* Also, can you provide a schedule of the activities during one of
your past reunions so we will have an idea of how many days he needs to be there?
* Is it possible to arrange transportation with some of the other
veterans that are attending?
* He had not heard from his buddies in a long time (possibly since the
war).  How do we find Joseph Smith from Tennessee and Ernest Sandrone of Italian descent?
* Is it possible to contact Sargent Williams who belonged to my Dad's
Squad.  My Dad remembers him as a man with a good sense of humor always cracking jokes and laughing.
* My Dad also remembers Lieutenant Hodgekiss of Company K.  Is he a member of the 94th Association?

Also, I have reviewed my Dad's Honorable Discharge paperwork and have noticed that his collection of medals, ribbons, badges and patches do not agree with the paperwork.  There are some missing.  Has this been encountered by other veterans? 

My name and address are listed below.

Edel Rodriguez
P. O. Box 52765
Houston, TX  77052
Work Phone (713) 752-7263
Home Phone (713) 629-5083
Fax (713) 752-3800 or 739-1942
Email: rodrie@Texaco.com

Any feedback will be greatly appreciated.  Looking forward to hearing from you.

Sat, 11 September 1999
Subject:  Hill Williard, J 34360911 Sgt. inf. KIA 94th-376inf. reg.

Greetings, I am the nephew of Sgt. Williard J  Hill, he was born on a farm in Tenn. I and my brother are doing a family tree and would like all the information on Williard that is available. I was never able to know uncle Williard but he was the older brother of my Dad. My Dad was at Pearl Harbor, Schoffield Barracks, 19th inf. then just before Dec. 7, 1941 he was in the 25th Inf. Div. I was in the 3/17th Army Air Cavalry Viet Nam.
 We would like to know how Williard was killed, where buried and date on KIA. Would also help to know Bn. and Company, and battles or where we can research info.
E-mail: forward72@hotmail.com

Thank You for Your Sacrafice,

  Brother in Arms,

Thom Hill tobre1971@jps.net

Date: Sat, 11 September 1999
Subject: 1st General Hospital, WWII, France/England

I would like to hear from anyone who either served in, or knew of, the U.S. Army, 1st General Hospital out of Ft. Meade, Maryland, which was stationed in Paris, France, in 1943-44.  Also, any information about the 191st General Hospital.  Thanks.

"The Early's" bcearly@mindspring.com

Date: Mon, 6 September 1999
Subject:  1st Lt. Thomas K. Richards, 94th Signal Co.

I am interested in any information regarding my fathers experience in Europe during W.W. II.  He never really spoke in much detail about specific locations or actions.

He was wounded (blinded) in mid March 1945, near Otterburg, Germany during the 94th Division's advance from the Saar to the Rhine. 
Thanks for your help.

Thomas K. Richards Jr.  Wilakern@aol.com

Date: Fri, 3 September 1999
 Subject: Sgt Mahoney, Carl Buster, T. M. Reynolds

 Searching for anyone from the 3rd Battalion Co. K that may remember T. M. Reynolds D-Day Normandy, Battle of the Bulge and Rhine River.

 Mr Reynolds is 79 years old and has requested that i do some research in his behalf. He remembers two names of men with him at Normandy - Carl Buster & Sargent Mahoney.

 Mr Reynolds says he has not received his Silver Star, anyone with info on how he might do so please reply. He would enjoy showing his kids
and grandkids.
Thank you Hollie McCaleb  hjm1@gate.net

Date:  Wed, 01 September 1999

I am looking for anyone who served in the same Forward Observer crew as my Uncle, Sgt. Andy Matura. I am particularly interested in hearing from anyone who was with him on 2/2/45, when he was wounded in the Campholz Woods.  T/5 Radio Operator R. T. James, Pfc. Edward Mann or any other Forward Observers from C/301 FA, are you out there?


37 Frances Drive, Hopewell Junction, NY 12533

(914) 226-4579
 --Andy Matura


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